Friday, August 28, 2009

Garden bounty.

Today a friend from work dropped off 3 bags full of corn fresh from her garden. I ended up with
16 bags with 2 cup of corn to each bag. It was not hard to do, just takes time. The husking, the cleaning, blanching, cooling down, cutting off the cob and then to the freezer took about 3 hours.

Here's JuJu chomping on some corn husk and silk. It was kind of hard keeping them away from mine while I was taking care of the corn. They kept grabbing the corn that I was working on. I would quick husk some corn and toss that on the ground so that they would go for that instead of what I had in my hand. I didn't want them to gorge on the fresh stuff so I only let them have a few husk each then I started to bag it.
Abby likes fresh corn. I gave some to the goats but them were more into the husk and silk. Not the corn. Might be that they can't get it into their mouth. This is not a problem for Abby. She ate 3 cobs and I ate 2. They are so sweet and tender that they tasted good just the way they were.

Abby sure is getting a lot of gray on her muzzle but then old dogs are best!

I got these from my garden today when I got off work. I don't like it when the zucchini gets that big but that's what happens when you think that you will pick it in a few days. They grow really fast. If my boss does not want them then I will grate them up and freeze them for winter.

Stop! Tomato thief! Abby took this right off the cooler. She was tossing it up in the air and was trying to bite it. But I don't think that she liked the flavor of the tomato.


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  2. Saw you where in Wisconsin and had to say Go Badgers!

  3. You are really turning into a garden girl. Tim suggested that next time you husk corn, you do it on the OUTSIDE of the goat pen. Duh. Or keep the goats in the pen.

  4. My older goat loves the entire corn cob. She scraps the corn off first then, eats the cob! But they all love the husks.

  5. I love that photo of Abby. She has the "hey I'm tough" look.

    Sounds like the girls got a special treat too last night.

  6. Yummy corn. We've got cats that steal the corn after it's husked. strange..

  7. Hey Patty, I was outside the goat pen, on the side yard. So tell Tim Duh! I try and let the goats out daily.

  8. So glad you enjoyed the corn. It is a bit of work though. We end up having family come over for a corn husking and do the whole process with many hands, then we spill the gold at the end of the day.

    Funny about the goats. Ginger likes corn too.

    I'm starting to get a few tomatoes now too. I have a golden variety that's nice. If you want to try some let me know.