Saturday, August 29, 2009

This and that.

I like to think that I'm a tough Alaskan and can handle the cold, but today I had to turn on the heat! The inside temp this morning was 58. I had things to do so I was out and about doing them. When I got home a few hours later it was 60 in the house. I went and took an hour nap and I had a hard time napping as I was cold! I turned on the heat and now it's a toasty 64 and getting warmer.

I know my dog is getting old and maybe getting hard of hearing. Not just pretending that she can't hear. I took Abby with me while I was out and about. I was in the store for about an hour and of course Abby fell asleep on the front seat. I was not being quite and opened my side of the truck to put the bags in the back seat. She stayed asleep! Didn't even twitch. I watched her for a few seconds and then when I got into the truck she woke up. She was almost panicky, I think that she was in a real deep sleep. I petted her and told her that she was a worthless watch dog and she wagged her stub tail.

Now this might be a little T.M.I. OK, no might about it. It is. ( Mom is going no Krissy no!) it is but I like to share!
You would think that will all the fresh corn and cooked corn that I ate last night that I would be loose as a goose but surprisingly I'm not.


  1. Too funny Kris.

    I am cold today too. Haven't turned on the heat (yet) just added socks, pants and a sweatshirt. I know I have turned into a weather wussie. Didn't think you had though.

  2. Poor Abby, it is no fun to get old and not be able to do things you used to do.

    Krissy, Krissy, Krissy. Does this mean you longer like it when the weather is "refreshingly brisk"?

    I have had to turn the heat up myself. :(

  3. Your bodily functions are nobody's business but your own. Really. Please do refrain, although I have to admit when I read yesterday that you ate two corn cobs I thought, "that's not going to be good."

  4. It was very cool today. I started out wearing shorts, but then put jeans on later in the morning and a sweatshirt. The wind seemed to increase by early afternoon. Drank extra cups of coffee today!

    All the little Hmong ladies at the farmer's market were dressed with their winter gear own. It almost seemed like late September today.

  5. Ahhh yes. Corn. That's all I have to say considering I've been eating cabbage rolls for 2 days now.

  6. Hey, want you to know my boys and i were in our sleeveless shirts yesterday, getting groceries in town and saw all these people in jackets and we're thinking huh?

    But actually I thought it was warmer outside then in, I took a little nap yesterday and I got chilly too.

  7. You had better bring warm clothes to Colo as it's chilling down pretty much every evening--around 50 in Rye. (altho' during the day it might reach 100 in Pueblo!!)
    Lucked out at 4H state horse show @ State Faur this weekend - was hot Thurs/Fri and not too bad Sat/Sun altho' it did downpour after rodeo and Sawyer Brown concert (boy was he great!!) Hauling in for AQHA show on Wed. for Taylor to show on Thurs/Fri so will hopefully have good weather.
    And... you and your corn experiences - I still think of when you lived in the upstairs appt by Lake Hood... teehee