Thursday, August 13, 2009

Things I learned today.

You know how you should never cook bacon in the nude? Well, you should also not make soap without a shirt on! It was very humid and warm today. I was just dripping sweat but I wanted to make soap so I did. Just didn't have a shirt on. I got a little bit of lye on my tummy that I did not feel for awhile. (It was waiting to react with some sweat.) I got the soap made and called my Mom and while talking to her I felt a little stinging. I had heard that you need to put vinegar on the spot as that will neutralize the lye. So I did. Boy Howdy was that a big mistake! Holy cow! I was experiencing a new kind of pain! WOW! I put mom on hold (set the phone down ) and got up and leaned into the sink and ran water over the spot with the sink hose. And yep, running water over your tummy makes you go pee. So I then had to go take care of that.

That spot is a little red still, but it kind of blends in with the little sun burn that I got later on while I was outside with the goats. I was trying to turn my fish belly white tummy to a lovely golden tan color so I had my shirt pulled up ( Yes, I do wear clothes! ) and I now have a pink tummy. Looks better then the fish belly white if I do say so.

Another thing I learned today is. Don't have the goats walk by your flapping clothes on the clothes line. Goats want to know what everything is. So I had to stop Maggie from nibbling on the sheets. While I'm getting Maggie away from the sheets I had JuJu trying to taste the towels. That was a 3 ring circus for a few minutes.

Sorry, I don't want to offend you but I also learned ( A few days ago) that my smart, best dog ever. The dog that never does anything gross, will eat fresh goat dropping! I thought that my dog was above all the. She's not.

The soap I made today was made with one of those scents that is called "Relaxation Type "
The blend is Lavender, Marjoram, Patchouli, Mandarin, Geranium and Chamomile. I am just blank when it comes to thinking of a name for this. Arrruuugghhhhh! All I can think of is Sleepy time but that's the name of a tea. Think people think!


  1. Hi Krissy, No name suggestions but I did meet a guy you used to work with at PA. Now if only I could remember his name. I think his first name might be Chris. Now for the last name. It was short - maybe Holt? Does that ring a bell? I don't know if it was when you were in one of the "garden spots" or here in Anchorage. Anyway, he said "Hi Kris".

    Blessings, Janice

    I can't remember my password so I am Anonymous tonight! Sorry about that....

  2. krissy, krissy, krissy!!! I bet you do fry bacon in the nude, dontcha?!

    Maybe you'll get your golden tan still by the end of summer. Not that anybodys going to see it. or maybe someone will the way tend to not wear clothes!

  3. How about Gary Holt?

    Ouchie!!! That sure could have been a lot worse!! I have an apron for you that you could wear in you natural state. That atleast would protect your front!

  4. Janice, did you see this Chris at Church? If so I know who that is. He's a real nice guy. Capt in the Saab.
    Also I'm confused? garden spots?
    If your sure last name was Holt then Kellie's right.
    Both are good guys. I liked working with them both.

  5. Aunt Krissy, have you ever thought about writing a humorous column for the newspaper? You would have people in "stitches" everyday by your thoughts and comments....well, guess your kind of doing that with your blog.

    I had a good morning laugh. Geez your day was full yesterday.

  6. How about sweet dreams?

    Yikes, lye can really sting. We used to use lye for certain things on the farm and I remember getting a bit on my skin once in awhile, not fun.

    I always wondered if goats will really eat anything?

  7. Remember the first time you made soap and how very super careful we were with the lye? Facemasks? Don't make it poof up? rubber gloves? We treated the lye with super care and now you're making soap without clothes on? Shame, Shame, Everybody Knows Your Name!

  8. Lye on white belly? Ouch!!!!When I learn how to make soap, I'll make sure I wear clothes!!

    And yes, goats love to get into EVERYTHING!!! They feel with their lips so anything is fair game. I know and so do my blueberry bushes,my raspberry bushes, my shrubs etc....

  9. Garden spots: That is what we cal places like Dutch, Dill, Beth. Not the greatest spots in Alaska to live.


  10. How about hodgepodge? My dog, Hunter, loved eating the goat droppings, but I could never figure out why for the life of me. Augh!

  11. RE: relaxation soap names. What about:
    Soap-orific (punny!.)