Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Name.

Boy! Today was a hot one. For me that is. It got up to 86 at my house. But I did OK. I had the fan going and when I was outside with the goats I sat in the shade and every once in a while there would be a little cooling breeze.

I also went to the farmers market and got some more beets as I need to make more pickled beets. I bought a bunch of golden beets. I think that they will look pretty. I don't know if they taste much different from red beets. Also bought green onions,basil and cherry tomatoes. Picked fresh, local and all for 7 bucks.I made a couscous salad for dinner with the fresh veggies.

Here's a picture of JuJu getting the tastier leaves that are higher up.

Here's another view of JuJu. Maybe I should rename her. Maybe Wide Glide?

But then, there is an expression that goes like this " Being broad in the beam never hurt a good boat"


  1. Hi there, I'm new to blogging. Just started a few days ago. I love your blog. I have goats also. I plan on learning soap making this fall.


  2. Very cool you have another commenter, not just a lurker!!

  3. WOW, fresh veggies and so reasonable!

    JuJu is sure a cutie. What will you do when they run out of fresh scrub??


  4. With all the brush I have I wont run out during the summer. Come winter thye will eat hay and grain. Around Christmas I will get them a tree to eat. maybe 2

  5. Geez Krissy, did you really have to take a photo of JuJu's backside!!!!!

    I went to the farmer's market after my library meeting tonight. Picked up some green beans and red potatoes all for $4 bucks. Did you see those purple green beans??? Weird

  6. I think purple green beans is a misnomer. She is a little tanker isn't she? Maybe if she sucker her ears in she would look slimmer. Or her gut.

  7. Are you sure JuJu isn't expecting??!!

  8. That's a great deal on the veggies. I'm going to try canning for the first time next week. I'm starting w/salsa and we'll see how that goes.

    I like the photo of JuJu getting to the leaves. Very cute.

    I got my soap today. Very exciting, thanks again. I can't wait to take a shower. Jeff, my husband, is excited about the Boy scent.