Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Food bill getting bigger.

I got this on Sunday. I think that it's called a western bale. I just know that it's called the BIG square bale, not the little one. It weighs about 800 to 1000 lbs. This will be what I will feed JuJu and Maggie during the winter, with a little grain too. It's a mix of sweet grass and alfalfa. The girls love munching on it. This big jumble of sticks are what I have been tossing over the fence and feeding the girls. Their fenced in place no longer has all the yummies that they like. And me being me I feel baaadddd for them. (Did you catch the bbbaaaaaddd? That's what they sound like when I come home from work and they have no sticks and twigs to eat.) This is mostly oak and pine. They like nibbling
the pine trees. If you get close to them while they are munching on the pine you smell Christmas.

Well, I'm going to be a Mom again soon to some 4 legged critters. My friend Kellie had a barn cat that had 2 kittens and I will get them. The momma cat's names is cheese so I'm going to name the little boy Havarti ( Harvey for short) and the little girl will be Swiss. I better go make some money so I can feed my family. Just think, come spring next year I will be feeding chickens and (I hope) a baby goat.


  1. I think you better recheck the name of mama cat. Isn't it Cheddar? I vote for Gouda and Elam but whatever. Just so you don't call one of them headcheese.

  2. I love the cheesy names!

    I stopped over at my girlfriend's farm tonight and she has 14 kittens right now...little kitties everywhere. They are so cute.

    I like the fact that your girls munch on organic snacks!

  3. I like the names for the cats, very cute!

    So, will they be house cats or outside cats and what will Abby think?

  4. Love the names for the new kitties. Very clever. And to second Crochet Lady, will they be house cats or not. I'm sure that Abby and the goats will love them. You've got quite the little farm going on there. Good for you.

  5. here kitty, kitty, kitty
    Abby wants to eat you!

  6. When I had my goats, they loved the small corn stalks that didn't grow completely. We had a bad year that year for corn and several didn't grow further than tinsy, tiny corn cobs. They would devour them. They also loved going into our old raspberry brush when we'd let them out and they'd devour the leaves. From what I've been told, they do a great job cleaning unwanted, and wanted, shrubbery out of the way.