Monday, August 10, 2009

Christmas in August for some.

This is what my kitchen table looks like now. It was fuller earlier today. I went to the post office and that Post Master was out to lunch so I took all the small flat rate boxes that they had out, which was 5. I also got one medium size flat rate box.

I took them home and sent the following 5 people soap.
Little Buggy Tongues
County Living in Caribou Valley

I sent you each 4 bars of soap. Each bar is wrapped in a paper towel and then in its own zip lock bag. The bag is marked with what scent it is. Now remember some of the soap was cut before I knew how to cut soap. I know, your thinking "cut soap? come on! How hard can it be?" Trust me, there is a learning curve. Let me know if you like the size of the plain bar compared to to the others. And all that other questions I had. Also, If there just happens to be a short black Doberman hair in your stuff? Wow, just think how lucky you are to have a little bit of Abby in your life! ( Not in the soap silly! in the box or in the baggies )

I have not heard from some of you yet. If you would like to try the soap ( As I'm looking for feed back ) send me an e-mail to that is the address that I will use for all soap stuff.

To Teach the Teacher
Wisp of Creativity
Oregon Sunshine
Ceder View Paint Horses
I ran out of zip lock bags and I forgot that I get to work some extra hours on Tuesday. I will send soap out to friends and family in AK and CO on Wednesday.
I also think I need to get a printer. When I went back to the P.O. the Post Master was telling me about printing your own labels and I can order the flat rate boxes and have come right to the house and also mail from my house. Just bypass the Post Office all together. Also it would save 5% in shipping.
Well, I have a pounding head ache ( I think I'm dehydrated as it was a hot day ) so I'm going to chug some water ( Great! I will be up tonight peeing! ) and go to bed and see if that fixes the problem.
Night Night, don't bite the bed bugs. ( Or ticks )


  1. Good night Krissy - may your dreams be sweet.

    I look forward to getting goat milk soap, and not just because i need a bath! The other reason is because i will finally have your address!

  2. I was telling my friend K about your soaps tonight while we were riding bikes...she is interested in trying some. I am excited about your soaps Aunt Krissy.

    Sorry you had a headache, hope you feel better tomorrow morning.

  3. Have you still got aura going on? You sounded better when I talked to you. Looking forward to getting the soap. I'll work on goat logo soon, I promise.

  4. Love Christmas in Aug! Why are you working extra hrs today? I'm gonna be there, right?

  5. Oh! Yeah, the online deal with the post office is very cool. I use that at work a lot. You can track delivery of the packages or get emails when it's been delivered.

    With back to school sales, you should be able to find a cheap printer. You can find some laser printers for around $50 and the toner isn't much more than that, and lasts a lot longer than ink jet.

    Hope your headache went away.

  6. Krissy!
    I'm waiting to come see you to get mine in person! woohoo..less than 2 weeks.

  7. Kris, thanks for all you went through to get the soap to me. Hope your head feels better soon. I really appreciate the work you've gone through. Looking forward to being clean, clean.