Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cutie pie.

Cute Colby

The kittens are getting more rambunctious. They wrestle with each other and hiss and spit and bat at Abby when she gets to close. It's hard for Abby to be a good dog with this kind of temptation around her! Both kittens will climb your leg to get into your lap. They have been outside a bit now. They like that as they have only ever been in a house now for 2 days.
P.S. Why do cats put their butts in your face?


  1. That Colby is very cute. Is it a girl? I thought you said so but now I can't remember.

  2. Very cute! Poor Abby, sounds like she is being VERY patient! Sorry to be Anonymous again - keep forgetting my password. How the big A is not heading this way... Janice

  3. Trip does the whole butt in the face thing too. Don't know why. Strange cats.

  4. Every cat I know does that and I have no idea why! Some sort of cat ritual I suppose.