Monday, September 28, 2009

Giddy like a school girl!

I was checking my library account to see where I'm at on some books that I have ordered.

Book 7 " Echo in the Bone" by Diane Gabaldon is in transit to me!! Last time I checked ( Friday )
I was still 15 of 54 holds so I didn't think that I would be getting so soon. I must be a good person or the library loves me!

If you have not read them then you are missing out on a great story. My Mom has read them, true, she does closes her eyes during the "romantic scenes (sex) and there are some yicky violent parts but the books are still very good.

Now, I must read books that are a series in order and I recommend that if you do start, that you also read them in order ( I demand that you do this! ) So you need to start with book one which is called "Outlander" then book 2 is "Dragonfly in Amber " book 3 is "Voyager" ( This was my least favorite one ) book 4 is "Drums of Autumn" book 5 is "The Fiery Cross" book 6 is "Breath of Snow and Ashes " and book 7 is on it's way to me!

Today at the library a patron got " Dragonfly in Amber" on tape. I told her that that is book 4 and that she needs to listen to book 1,2 and 3. I got her the audio book 1 and 2, book 3 was checked out. She listens to books while she cans or washes eggs and other farm/household chores.


  1. You're preaching to the choir girl!! I love those books. I'm actually reading them again. I was pregnant with J. when I first read them and that's where I got his name from. I haven't read The Fiery Cross yet. I'm refreshing my memory before I continue. I didn't know there was a 7th one.

  2. You are so funny Kris. I may just read the Jack Daniels books out of order just to irritate you!

  3. Janice, SOS is doing good. He has a bacterial infection so the meds that hes on for that will work on the urinary tract infection.

    Lisa. I'm so glad to see another fan out there. I don't know if there will be an 8th one. Thats a good name for any kid.

    Kellie, I will blab all your secerts to your kids if you read them out of order, don't make me do it!

  4. I've read some of those, and yes, I did it in order, lol....The Autumn one was the last one I read...

    I thought the first few were just excellent.