Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Harvey, the brat, SOS, bobble head.

This is an update on Harvey, the black kitten. He's going to be OK. I took him to the vet on Monday due to that his urine was often bloody and also that he was all action in the litter box but nothing to show for it. The vet, on the phone said that "Yep, sounds like a urinary track infection, or a bladder or kidney problem" So I brought him in.

I would say that Harvey mewed every 3 seconds in the carrier. It takes 20 minutes to get from my house to the vets. So that's 20 mews per minute times 20 minutes so then you get 400 mews that I had to listen to. My nerves were frazzled just a tad when I got there.

No wait at all, went into the exam room and weighed Harvey. 2 weeks ago he was 1lbs, this time he was 1.1lbs. He only gained 1oz in 2 weeks. Not good for a kitten. ( His sister is chubby or I like to say is that she is big boned and really, she is a fluffy kitty )

On the way to the Vets, Harvey in the car, passed his bowels ( I'm using professional words OK? ) The vet was wishing that she had a fecal sample, I said " Uh, can't you smell that? We do have one, it's very fresh " Her eyes lit up only like a vet could, looking for some fecal matter! She went and spun it and while we had to wait for that she also took Harvey temp. ( Yes rectal ) While she was doing that I got very serious and said " Excuses me, but you are violating my cat" She looked at me for a second and burst out laughing. We talk about what might be wrong with Harvey.

The test came back and Harvey has some kind of 32 letter bacterial infection. Being that it's transfers from fecal matter he probably got it from his mom. With Harvey having it, the vet said that Colby, the other kitten has it. I asked about Abby and she said that if you know 100% sure that Abby has not eaten any fecal matter then no problem. Well, I like to think that my Abby is above that ( but I catch her eating goat poop ) but I was not 100% sure that she has not gotten into the goodie box so we also put Abby on the the same med. This med should also clear up any urinary/bladder infection.

I have found out that it's very easy to give kittens medicine in liquid form. I just pick them up, kind of hold them from the back of the neck and they open their little mouths and I just squirt in the meds. Abby takes hers in pill form, no problem there.


  1. I'm glad the kids are getting healthy!

    Cute picture of Harvey & Colby on your laptop.

  2. This is what SOS has.
    Coccidia are small protozoans (one-celled organisms) that multiply in the intestinal tracts of cats and dogs, most commonly in kittens and puppies less than six months of age, in adult animals whose immune system is suppressed or in animals who are stressed in other ways (e.g.; change in ownership, other disease present).

    I pu Biskit and Chuck's meds today.

  3. I'm glad to hear everybody is doing well....do you have to take meds too? You're awful close to your pets, snuggling in the same bed and all. The poor vet, I bet she had a moment of "this is one crazy lady" before she saw you were joking.

  4. Glad to hear the kitties will be feeling better.

  5. Pets can sure be alot of work sometimes!

  6. Oh, man. Glad the little guy's all right. Pets put a lot of stress on a person, sometimes.