Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Here is a picture of some soap that I wrapped. They will still go into a small bag with a label and a pretty bow on top of the small bag. OK, the bow may not be so pretty as that it really not my forte. I'm taking this soap to CO with me and will see what I can sell there. I almost have my soap site set up. Wrapping soap is not hard, just kind of boring. I think I will get some books on CD and read a book while I wrap soap. I am getting faster at doing it as I have a little system now.

We had a hard frost last night. When I went to feed the girls this am their water bucket had a nice layer of ice in it. I have a garden hose out to the pen and that was also iced up. I had to break up the ice and dump that water out and bring the bucket inside and fill it up from the kitchen sink. I don't have running water out at the goat pen ( other then the hose ) and I will be sink filling the water bucket 2 times a day when it's winter.

Let's not talk about the garden. May it R.I.P.

Here's a picture of Maggie ( left ) and JuJu (right) I know, it's not that good of a picture but it's really hard to have the goats stand still and look at me. That is a branch of oak that I tossed into the pen. I toss one in the pen almost every day. Pretty soon I wont be able to as it will be winter and no leaves on the tree. I will cut some pine for them and toss that in. The really enjoy the branches. Maggie will sometimes stop eating the grain and come out and eat oak. JuJu, on the other had will lick the grain clean then go check out the oak.
I just want to say a word about my dinner tonight. I put some pork neck in the crock pot with 2 small onions chopped, 1 apple chopped and about 4 cloves or garlic. When I came home I took the meat off the bone, strained the onion,apple and garlic out and made a rue and made a WONDERFUL gravy. I made some mashed potatoes to go with the pork and WONDERFUL gravy and man was it good.


  1. I'm getting exciting for you taking a road trip to Colorado. I hope you have good soap sales.

    Sorry the girls had icy water this morning. I have a feeling you will get your exercise this winter hauling water out to the goats every morning.

    I have a feeling my garden is also R.I.P. after last nights frost.

  2. YUMMY sounding dinner!

    BRRRR cold - we have not yet had a hard frost but the snow is coming down the mountains...

  3. Your soaps look great Krissy! Pretty packaging!

  4. Wow - I can not believe you have ice before we do. WI just may be colder than AK. Dinner sounded good - I had chicken pot pie at church that ALicia made. It was dee-lish-us. I didn't know you were putting white under the colors - looks pretty that way. You should get the rest of your stuff today.

  5. Kris..
    the soap looks great! I sure am enjoying using it. It lasts a long time. I'm still using the bar I started in MN. So, over a month and I still have at least that left. Bill doesnt use it much, but when he does, he says he likes it.
    good luck with the sales! when you get your site up, let me know..I'm starting my Christmas list!

  6. Your soap looks great! Are you going to some craft show while you are in Colorado, or just hoping to sell to people you know?
    Supper sounds great!

  7. We had 36 the other night. Brrr! I'm happy it's finally cold - I can break out the more comfortable clothes!

    I really like your soap wrapping. Nice and simple and pretty.

    Our soap is all gone, so we'll have to buy more when you get your site going. :)

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