Thursday, October 1, 2009

Road Trip

I am getting very excited about my upcoming road trip. I pulled it up on map quest. The directions that they gave me says that it's going to be a 16 hr plus drive. A little over 1100 miles.

I'm already getting giddy. I just love driving and seeing new places. When I get to the Twin Cities and take a left, it will all be new to me. I will be going through Iowa, Omaha and Nebraska. Can there be much more fun then that? I'm going to look for a book on CD but I will still bring my music CD's. I will do a little shopping tomorrow so that I have some road snacks. You need to be able to munch on stuff so that you keep yourself occupied.

Abby is coming with. She also like road trips. She likes cheese and crackers as we always have that on a road trip. She knows that cheese comes with crackers as I tested her one time. She will sniff the cracker but not take it if there is no cheese on it.

Not sure where I will stay Saturday night. I want to do 10 or 12 hrs of driving the 1st day. I will be happy with 800 miles but for sure no less then 700. I plan on being at my friends house in CO in the mid afternoon.

I noticed that my tires were kind of on the bald side so I'm getting some tires put on and also having them look at and replace the brakes as I think that they are also going bad.

Unlike some of my friends up in AK, I will pack my stuff up on Saturday morning. I have on friend up in AK that would take a day off from work so she could pack for a week trip! ( I think that she was just trying to get out of work! )

I hope I see one some of the those odd roadside attractions. You know, the biggest ball of twine, the 3 headed goat/snake/calf.


  1. Have a wonderful time and keep blogging!

  2. Once you get beyond Iowa, you'll find the land/terrain interesting. I hope you have tons of fun. Remember to look for the tumbleweeds in CO.

  3. Take lots of pictures. Have fun. I'll miss you..

  4. The Spam museum! What fun! There are always signs about mysterious caves too. I always want to go in the caves.

  5. Yay, road trips! I love how Abby won't eat the cracker without the cheese.

    I'll wave when you drive by the Twin Cities. ;)

  6. Have a great trip Krissy! I have taken out my Atlas, and I have traced down thru Iowa and Nebraska to I think I can see the route you will take.

    Yes please take lots of pics! Travel safe!


  7. Kris... isnt Omaha in Nebraska? :-)

    have a safe trip. will be watching for your updates.


  8. Safe travels. Have a great time!!! Post updates of your adventure if you get the chance.

    Where will the kitties be during your trip?

  9. Yep Rose, you're right. I must sound like a backward chick from AK! But I do go through that city.