Saturday, October 3, 2009

On the road.

I got a late start this morning. I wanted to be on the road by 7am. Got on the road at 9.00a on the dot. One reason I was late is that I must have forgot to turn the dryer on last night because when I went to get them this AM the were still very wet. So that took over an hour. I was ready to go at 8.15a or so and realized that I forgot to put gas in the gas can for the young man that is watching the place so that he can do yard work. I ran into town and got gas and put that in the garage and then it was 9am and I left. ( He's going to make the garden 3 times bigger )

I also wanted to do 700 to 800 miles but I only got 673 miles in. I was getting butt bother and Abby was also getting squirmy.

I went on I-94 to the Twin cities, took I-35 south to Des Moine and then I-80 to here. Oh, here is Lexington Nebraska.

It pretty much rained from WI to Des Moine and then it just spit rain here and there and then cleared up when I crossed into Nebraska.

My thoughts on Des Moine IA to almost Nebraska on I-80.

Up,up,up,up,up,up,up,up,up,up,up, top of hill,down, down, down,down,down,down, then up,up,up,up,up,up,up, top of hill,then down,down,down,down,down,down. Get the ideal?
It was a lot of long rolling hills with those really big big wind mills, milling around and really lots and lots of corn fields. And the speed limit was 65?!

Now Nebraska is great! Speed limit is 75 so I went 80. Downside was that there was a lot of construction so sometimes I had to go as low as 55. They also aren't as hilly as Iowa was. The other thing that makes Nebraska great? I stopped for gas and got a bucket of gizzards! Right there in the gas station was a chicken shack and they did me up a mess of them, fresh. I did share with Abby. I might just have to move here.

Well, I need to go to bed. Even though all I did was sit on my butt, I'm tired.


  1. I'm glad you survived traveling through Iowa. Did you stop in Colfax, IA?

    You ate gizzards...sorry but that doesn't even sound good.

    Be safe on our journey Krissy.

  2. Gizzards sound wonderful!!!

    Have a great time and I look forward to your updates - remember that your bog is the first thing I go to when the comptuer is turned on!


  3. Gizards, yuck! But if you and Abby enjoyed them, good.

    Good thing that rain wasn't snow, eh?

  4. I think gizzards sound yucky too, but Tim was drooling. Krissy got a whole bucket of gizzards? And wasted them on her dog? I want a whole bucket of gizzards is what he said. I love road trips - wish I was there.

  5. Don't think I'm in favor of your prize in Nebraska.
    Hope the rest of the road trip is more interesting that up and down.

  6. Can't believe Krissy eats chicken gizzards but was never able to get her to eat home grown Colorado Rocky Mountain Oysters!!! (Krissy - did you finally try them one time or what that Irene McGlashan??!!).
    Teehee - reminds me of your 1st trip to the ranch in '88 when we branded/vaccinated over 300 head of calves and 1/2 of them were bull calves that had to be casturated. How you felt sooo sorry giving them shots until you had done about 100 head then you got so into it you bent the needle!! And you wound up with the nickname "Testicle Tessie" after running the oyster bucket back and forth from the table to my dad (who was doing the dirty deed)!!!