Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm here.

I'm typing in the parking lot of a country store. It's difficult to type in the truck with the laptop on my lap.

I left Lexington NB at 7.30a and stayed on I-80 till I got to Brush CO and then went south on 71 till I got to Limon then took 24 to Colorado Springs where I hooked up to I-25 and then got into Pueblo by 2pm. I meet my friend at her friends house in Pueblo and we had lunch and watch the Denver V somebody game. Left and went to Linda's house. She lives near Rye CO, up in the Greenhorn MT. The views that she has are incredible!

I notice that here in CO they don't tell the pop of the town, they tell the elevation! Here in Rye I'm at 6900 so feet. This morning I took Abby for a walk down Linda's very long driveway. It was easy going down. 1. It was going down hill. 2. It's very very windy today and that pushed me down the hill. When I came back it was very hard. 1. I was going up hill . 2. The very very strong wind was now pushing against me. 3. I'm at 6900 feet and I was having a hard time sucking in enought O2!

Linda had to work today so I'm on my own. I took a very short and fast shower. She has to hual water to her place. She has tried to find water 2 times now and each time there is not enough water. She is going to try a 3rd time. I wish her luck on that.

Well, that's about all for now. I miss my goats! I hope that the young man that is taking care of them is doing a good job! I gave him plenty of phone numbers to call if he has any problems. So far, no phone call so all must be well. I kind of, sort of miss the kittens. Not very much,mind you. Just a little itty bit.


  1. So Krissy.... you need to bond with the "Little Green Devils" or "Sunny" bird so can take them home w/you - Taylor said you would then have a complete food chain!!!
    So do you want me to call you on way home from work so you can walk to county road and I can haul you back up to house??!!!

  2. Glad you made it there in one piece.

    All is well here. Have not heard from your housesitter.

    Missing you already.

    Tell LH Hello.

  3. Krissy!! yummy gizzards.. bet you'll stop on the way back home too?

    glad you made it there ok. how long will you be there?? Say hi to L for me too.


  4. Glad you made it there safely. So jealous that you're in the mountains. Have a great time.

  5. It sounds like you are having a great trip. Eat some gizzards for me. Good gizzards are hard to find. Have fun in the mountains.

  6. I miss you Krissy...the library is just extra quiet without you, boo hoo! We were busy today. Jen will cover your hours tomorrow, she's a trooper.

    Oh yeah, the whole furnace has to be replaced in the Muni building so no heat for at least maybe 2 weeks. I just love small towns!!!!!!

    PS. I wore a heavy sweater to work today.