Saturday, September 26, 2009


I was working on my Chandelle Soap blog. I just deleted the custom template that I got from "The cutest blog on the block " and I can't find it out of the thousands that they have. OK maybe it's only 200 or so that I have to go though and I just spent the past hour doing that and I can't find it. I picked this other one but it has dot's that float on the screen while the page scrolls behind it. But I like the colors. They kind of match what I had before. Kind of. Why oh why did I not realize that the HTML/Java Script that I deleted was what it was? Why is there not a undo button?

Cranky Krissy is going to bed.


  1. Bummer.. I want an undo button too.
    How's SOS today?

  2. You didn't preview it first before you saved it? Or saved the HTML code in wordpad... that's what I do.

    I use Firefox,and I have an undo button. I use the edit button in the Firefox browser (ya up there) click on undo... I guess IE doesn't have it, I checked - bummer!

  3. Linda, noop, sure didn't! I did this blog a few months ago and thought that I really needed to get to work on it and low and behold, I didn't remember that that add a gadget had the blog code. Now I will! I didn't go to bed, I stayed up for another hour and found it.