Friday, September 25, 2009


There is something wrong with this little kitten. Remember when I said that I caught him going on my backpack? Well I have been watching him and today I caught him squatting a few times and I would pick him up and rush him to the litter box and let him do his thing. Today while I cleaned the litter box he hopped in and squatted for a while and he only urinated a tiny little bit.

When I got home I did my getting home thing and I saw him go behind the TV so I watched him and he started to squat. I was about ready to clap my hand and yell "bad kitty" when I saw that his urine was red. There was a few pink/red spots and some clear spots. behind the TV stand. I think that he has a bladder infection? I hope that that is all. All the Vets are closed on the weekend and I can't pay an emergency visit so I will wait till Monday and take him in. I hope that that is all that it is. If it get to pricey then...........................
He is kind of cute isn't he? I hope that it's a easy fix.


  1. Oh, poor baby kitten. It does sound like he has a urinary infection. Good thing you observed his squatting behavior.

    Did kitty really crawl under the blanket to sleep next to Abby? I think the kitties are accepting Abby as their brother.

  2. Poor Harvey (SOS). I'm sure he'll be fine. Are you planning on locking him up in the laundry room to keep him from going all over the house?

  3. Aaaawwwwww,he looks so cute there in bed with Abby. I'm sure he'll be ok, sounds like a urine infection....maybe he needs some pills from the vet.


  4. That is a great picture of the kitten and Abby. I would hold that for blackmail if Abby ever acts up. I hope SOS feels better and is climbing your bare fleshy legs again in no time!

  5. He'll be fine. If you can get a urine sample I know the vet would appreciate it. Because there are 2 kinds of infections and they can only tell by the urine sample. I know it's hard to do. Good luck

  6. Oh Noes! I know what is wrong and he needs to see a vet ASAP! More, that blockage issue is why he's had inappropriate potty behaviors.

    Aunt Krissy, I really should get you my phone number so you can call with any kitty questions any time, no matter how big or small.

    -OS (once again blogger didn't like my wordpress id)