Thursday, September 24, 2009

The good, the bad and the smelly.

My bosses husband called up work today and wanted to talk to ME! Not his wife. He had something for me and he wanted me to come to their house after work to pick it up. So I spent that past hour at work wondering what he could possibly gotten little ol' me. Well, he saw the post where I mentioned that I couldn't find pilot bread anywhere. ( He said I whined about it and I say uh uh, did not. ) and he took pity on me and ordered me a box and it came in today! So now I have 3 boxes of pilot bread. I can breath a sigh of relief as now I don't have to be so stingy with it. (If he wasn't married he would be a good catch!)

This is the bad part.

I know, you think that these are just the most precious widdle puddy tats that you just ever did see. Well, you're wrong. Not all wrong just a lot wrong. Yesterday I de-wormed the kittens again as it was the follow up and I'm hoping that that is why I had 2 little kitty poops on the floor. Maybe the medication gave them a rumble in their little tummies and they couldn't make it to the litter box in time. But I did catch Harvey peeing on my back pack that I left on the floor. Yes, I should have put it up. But then Abby does not mess with stuff and I didn't think that a kitten would pee on it.

Here is where the smelly part comes in.

It's that time of the year and there is an abundance of cow poop being spread around. Or something is being done. Not really sure what it is but I'm down wind right now and I wake up and go to bed with the smell. One thing handy about making soap is that I have a bunch of scents. I have placed a few drops of clove and patchouli on some cotton balls and have it on my dresser so that I don't smell the cow poop at night.


  1. That was super nice of the bike man to order you some pilot bread. Did you ever find the white sharp chedder to go with it? I think your stinky, icky, sos kittens are very cute.

  2. So, now that you have three boxes, are you gonna share with me? Just one piece.. Plz, Plz..

  3. That bike man is nice isn't he? You are now offically on his "girlfriend" list, hee, hee!