Monday, September 7, 2009

Road Trip.

I haven't been on a road trip for awhile. So I felt the urge to go burn some gas. I have been South, West and North and East but not really North East. I pulled out the map and looked and picked a town to go to.
I picked Prentice as the town that I needed to go to. I'm going to tell you what roads I went on as my Mom and Dad like to pull out the map and see where I went.

I left the house and got on Hwy 64 and crossed over Hwy 53, took county SS up to New Auburn. There I went East on County M. On County M between the Ice Age Park and County E, I came around a corner and there in front of me at about 100ft was a sow with 2 cubs! Before I could come to a stop she and the cubs ran off into the deep woods. That was pretty neat. I hear people say that WI has a a lot of black bears and I guess it's true. I saw 3.

At the town of Holcombe I went North on Hwy 27 to the town of Ladysmith. I went to the local DQ there and got a malt. The girl at the drive through thought that Abby was a cute looking dog so gave me a big dish of ice cream for Abby to eat. It was a little hard to feed Abby her ice cream and for me to drink my malt. But don't worry, I got it done. (I'm smart that way)

From Ladysmith I went East on Hwy 8 to Prentice. Not much there to talk about. I went past the town and then went South on County D. I hooked up to Hwy 86 and went west. On that road I came to a place called Timms Hill. At a whooping 1951 feet it's the highest point in WI! I felt dizzy I was so high up. I even got a nose bleed. ( Not! ) I went into the park that was there and walked around. I even took a picture but it did not turn out. ( Blurry )

At the mighty town of Ogema I went south on Hwy 13 and hooked back up to Hwy 64 and followed it home.

You know when you look at interior design magazines and you see that North Woods motif? I think it's based on North East WI. I thought that as I saw big pine trees with pine cones that I have seen on bed sheets and shower curtains.

I had a good time. I just love being able to go for a road trip and be on roads that I have never ever been on and being able to go, why? Because I can, that's why!

Now onto soap talk. I made a batch of soap yesterday morning and this morning. The batch yesterday was scented with Aphrodisiac type. ( Hubba hubba ) and the scent this morning was scented with Sensuality type. ( Double hubba hubba ) These are the pre made blends. Why the goofy names? I have no ideal. I will have to come up with some new names. I was wondering why my thumb on my right hand was sore. It's soap making thumb. I hold a stick blender in my left hand ( Yep, I also have a sore left hand ) and a big rubber spatula in my right hand and blend the soap for up to 30 minutes. Now I know why I have achy hands. Oh well, that's what Advil is for.

Did you all have a good Labor Day?


  1. We've been over that way many times. All those little towns in between are very unique, but not much businesses to speak of. I'm glad you took a road trip cuz the weather was perfect.

    At Timm's Hill , you should have walked the trail to the top of the hill. Next time visit St.Peter's Dome near Mellen,'s another highest point in our state. The view is fantastic.

  2. A road trip sounds nice. I just did a 3 hr road trip myself. Just got back from the cabin. 3 muddy dogs in my backseat have turned my car into a disaster area.

    I'm rooting for Billy Goat Love, and Sweet Sassy Nanny. OK, those were just off the top of my head, surely you can come of with some goat names...capering caprines?

  3. When K. and I went on our little weekend we drove up through New Auburn, he lived there through the elementary years. There is an elk and goat farm up there. I tried to get pictures of the goats for you, but didn't turn out. There is a huge herd of them, the billies with big long horns. Shucks, too bad you didn't see those.

  4. Scentsations in Soldotna had a couple really great oil blends that I love. One was called "Dark Goddess" and the other was "Vanilla Moon", both were their own blends. Unfortunately, Scentsations went out of business a few years ago. If you know the ladies that ran it or anyone else does, maybe you can find out their secret oil blends. I bet they'd be smash hits!

    On another note, I've put all soap testing on hold until the poison oak clears up. As soap does not cut the PO oil, I don't want to contaminate another bar of soap as I did with the last one.

  5. I love road trips also. Especially when it's just Dave and I. J. is always, are we there yet? Drives me nuts!

    I have GOT to figure out how to make goats milk soap.