Saturday, October 24, 2009

Craft Fair.

Well, the craft fair was not a complete bust but I didn't do so well. I did not lose any money so that's good.

I had x amount for the till. I dipped into that yesterday for lunch, dipped into for ice tea and breakfast, got into it again for food at the craft fair. When I paid back the till and took out the 25 bucks for the booth I was ahead by $6.25 (I know, don't spend it all in one place!)

When the show was over some vendors came over and talked with me, they said that this was the 3rd year for them and that they did not do well. In talking to other vendors I think over all it was a disappointing craft fair. Not sure why this was down compared to the other years. They ( the other vendors) said that there was not the crush of crowds that they had last year. I was in the elementary school as the craft fair was both there and the high school. They also said that the vendors at the high school were saying that it was slow.

It was a good trial run. I know what I will do different for the next one. Which will be Nov 21 at the senior center.

I still had fun. I like to people watch and trust me, there was some people worth watching!

Oh, and I do have one complaint about the craft fair. I got nachos at the food booth. This is WI, what's up with having only a TBLS of cheese sauce on the chips? I don't like that. I want all the chip to have some cheese on them.


  1. Krissy, My friend did the "Made In Alaska" or "Make It Alaska" @ the Sullivan and the business was REALLY down there too!

    I am sure you will have repeat lots of business once folks try your wonderful soap!

  2. Sorry the craft fair wasn't booming. I'm glad you enjoyed people watching...that's always fun. Will you try more craft fairs in the area?

  3. It may just be a down year due to people not having as much discretionary spending money. I bet you will do well on the website - talked to Kathy today and she's got 3 at PenAir that want to order. The sooner you get that up and running the better. your table looks nice!

  4. Hopefully the senior center sale will go better.

    People watching is always a good bonus when out and about.

  5. Sorry it didn't go as well as you may have hoped. It'll get better as the holidays get closer. Your packaging looks great. I know that must have taken a lot time and I think it was well worth it. Better luck next time.

    Looking forward to the soap site.:)

  6. I agree - your packaging looks very nice! Very professional looking. Are you in the process of making a soap web site then? Have you considered selling your soap at I've seen a lot of people selling soap there but I'm not sure how successful they are....

  7. The nacho's weren't nacho's at all. NO spice and I don't like things hot but at least a little something would have been nice.

    Thanks for putting up with me yesterday. I was kind of bummed about how things turned out but so, so, so glad to have made at least one sale!!!

  8. Kris..what town was the craft fair in?
    I saw Pam last night and gave her a bar of white spruce. will have to see what she thinks! I still have 2 more bars left, but looking forward to seeing your site and doing some Christmas shopping!

  9. That is a bummer Krissy! You look like your set up was really nice and you have some very, very, pretty soaps!

  10. One of the things that always gets me is how soon does everyone else in the world really get started at their Christmas list. I must admit that I know one person that actually does all her next year shopping Dec 26th but she is really an out there "wonderful" person. One of the junk mails I just deleted today was a question of "is the ressesion over at your house?" Just because the government says everything is getting better does not mean that the trickle down to us peons has even started much less will make it. I am awaiting your new site but am making no promises as this year is a real belt tightener one for me, as is for so many others. I am also very sure the closer to the actual holidays the more sales you will have as I love the samples you sent for us sibs. When I was doing the craft fair thing for the Ivory n Baleen stuff October was the "I'm just looking" month. November was the "I better get the inlaws/whoever present in the mail" month and finally December was "OMG I better get something going cause IAA if I don't" month (I leave it to your fair readers to decipher or fill in the meanings of above letters) you get the picture. So chin up and get out there and sell sell sell. Does your community have a small classifieds like the alaska shopper? weekly,daily,monthly? Its another way to help support your community and help yourself too

  11. Yahoo..... Sally just called and her boss just bought the last 7 bars you brought down (still have all the "flavor" samples for folks to smell) PLUS has an order of 72 more!!! As soon as Sally gets her order done and anyone else she comes across this weekend, will get list e-mailed off to you!!!!
    Are you wrapping them in the calico I gave you??!!
    Signed, Soap Pimp