Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ta Daaaaaa........Drum Roll.

Well, there might have to be a confession on this post being that it's Sunday and all. I might have said a bad word or 2 this afternoon. One was regarding the highly and very annoying kitten called Harvey. He loves me. He thinks, when I take a nap that I must be his mom from the past and kneads me (also needs me ) and keeps nudging my hand to pet,pet, oh pet me please please pet me.

The other bad word or 2 was when I tried to load a Picasa photo album on the soap page. You will notice, there is none. After an hour ( I had to toss the kittens outside ) I still could not get it to load. I gave up.

Here is the site for my Soap Chandelle Farm. I will have it open for comments for a few days then will close that down. Well, I hid the comments pretty gosh darn good and can't find them. So you will have to hop back over here and let me know what you think.

I would like some feed back. I wanted some pictures on the site of the goats. On the bottom of the page I did have 2 pics of the goats. But they would have been very large. So then that would have to be a scroll down to see that. That's why I picked 2 pics and put them on the sidebar.

I did put the pic of the wrapped soap on the bottom. But it's very large. Not sure if I like that. Again, that's a scroll just to see a pic of wrapped soap. I think that I might put that in the side bar also. But then the side bar and the main body of the page will be lop sided. I like things even Steven. ( Is that a big deal? Or is it just me?)

The logo pic. I wanted that on the header bar. But can't get it to fit. That might be because of the style of layout that I chose. But I want the logo to be on the page somewhere. Maybe the bottom? and move the soap pic to the side bar? I also want to put a pic of unwrapped soap on the page. But I am not unwrapping my wrapped soap to do that! So when I have more soap cut I will add a pic of that. But again, the more pics that you have the harder it will be for some people to load the site.

I'm not sure now if I like the site back ground. Too country? Before the soap was wrapped the colors matched the soap real well. Now I have colorfully wrapped soap and earth tones on the site.
(Am I being to picky?)

When I find out how many bars of soap fit into a med size flat rate box from the USPO I will put that on the page and the price. The small flat rate box holds up to 7bars and only 4.95 to ship anywhere in the USA ( Yes, Alaska is in the USA!)

( I just held Harvey up and made him do a little hulu dance. That's what he gets for bugging me!)


  1. Don't shake babies (or kittens) or did you really make him do the hula?

    Comments on new blog. Love the big pic at bottom of basket of soap. Colors on blog are still good - your basket helps to tie in the earth tone colors with the brightly colored soap. I think you need a pic of goats in your Header. Maybe a pic with both of the goats together - that one you call "the girls". I need to get you a clean b @ w pic of the logo. That is my assignment this week.

  2. Patty, I made him do the hula, his little kittne toes where on the table and I was holding him up and I made him hula. he likes it.

  3. Well I liked it. Where did you get the name Chandelle from? Did you know chandelle is french for candle.

  4. Lisa, yep, I knew that. Note that the goat has wings.

    The Chandelle is an aircraft control maneuver where the pilot combines a turn with a climb in a certain way.

    To me "The Chandelle" is a beautiful
    maneuver in flight. My dad does RC aircraft ( And real planes) and showed me one in slow/mo.

  5. LOVE the site!
    Krissy you did a great job. I posted a link on my Facebook page. Hope that is OK with you. :)

    I will be sending an order to your email. Just let me know how much and I will send a check.

    Keep loving on those girls!

  6. Oh, Krissy it is wonderful!!!!
    I really love it!!

    Good job!!!

  7. wow Krissy...ya did good with that web page. Really nice layout and good informative info....maybe include a blurb about the meaning of Chandelle? not necessary but kinda interesting I think. The colorful pic of the wrapped soap looks really beautiful and does go well with the country background.

    Jim makes Isis do the hula now and then, She likes it...I think...

  8. Very nice! Are you going to use paypal so that us folk that don't use paper money in any form any more can order with ease?

  9. Nice soap blog, but the photo on the left wouldn't load for me. I will put your link on my blog site soon.

  10. Janice- Thats fine, Thanks.

    OC- ack! I didn't really even think about PayPal. I will look into. If it's easy to set up and do ( for me, I'm no techie! ) I will do so.

  11. Like the pic of the basket of soap at the bottom. Will try to get a link up on my site for your soap blog. I like the background, I don't think it's too country, it's very nice.

  12. What a great job you did! The pictures of the goats are cute, the basket of soap looks wonderful and your descriptions are great.
    The dots did make my eyes cross for a minute but then they got use to them. I like the flowers, they are pretty. I'll send you my order.

  13. The site looks FANTASTIC!!!! I've already taken some orders for you from OKC. I love that you have the pictures of the goats.

    I'll send my order in the next day or so.

    Again, great job Krissy.

  14. You may want to put some pictures of the soap or your lable in your header. Paypal has a shopping cart service that's not too hard to implement. It should help your sales as people tend to impulse buy things a lot! Also, make sure you submit your website to the other homemade soap/natural product directories. That will help drive some business your way as well!

  15. Thanks JackDaddy. I will go check that out.

  16. Krissy

    I like the site and have already sent links to a few people. The suggestions by JackDaddy are great get on it kiddo.....Your gonna go far by golly. And one of these days we have got to get together and talk about soap making as what I did is all natural too just took a grizzly bear for the fat so I won't be making any of that for the public.....Not enough fat for the amounts your going to be selling