Thursday, October 15, 2009

I feel sorry for.........

I feel sorry for people that don't have cats. You know they will never get to know the absolute joy at 5am when the cats decide that your bed is their play land and use you as the trampoline.

Poor non cat owners. They wont know what it's like to stumble into the bathroom at 2am and trip over cat's that are rushing ahead of you even though their litter box is in the laundry room.

They wont get that special feeling you get when you're in the kitchen and have just opened up a can of tuna to make a little sammie for yourself and the kittens are putting their hypodermic like claws into your ankles all the while mewing pitifully as they are starved and have not had food in WEEKS!

They wont know that heart stopping feeling when you can't breath as you sleep with a C-Pap machine and a certain cat likes to sit on it and turns it off, and you swear you can hear the cat giggling at you as you struggle to figure out what it going on in the dead of the night.

Nor will they ever know that happy feeling you have when you have moved the kitten for the 50th time as you're trying to read " Echo in the bone" from your chest.

Or that giddy feeling when you are laying in bed and know that you best not even twitch as you will be attacked but you need to move your feet so you risk it and BAM! They have your foot.

They wont know what it's like to have 2 fluffy kittens cuddled up under your chin and both are about to fall asleep and are purring hard.


  1. Kitty cats, you just gotta love them. Sounds like your kitties are totally normal.

  2. You must feel sorry for me. I don't have kitties nor have I ever. I miss all of that. Except I would be smarter than you and would just SHUT the bedroom door.

  3. That's what I told her! Lock them up in the laundry room to get some peace. They will quit meowing eventually and go to sleep.

  4. Give it two years and you'll be singing a different tune. Then, you'll be saying how wonderful the little buggers are. Of course, they're still at the "curtain climbing little booger" stage, which is not my fav.

    Soon, you'll be frustrated that they're bringing Abby dead mice to snack on. Or, Abby will begin competing with them to see who is the better mouser, cat or dog. (At our house, the vote so far is dog as the three dogs do a better job than the 7 cats- then again Freya got the grandaddy of all rats a couple days ago, so I'm a bit biased right now!)

    Then one day, they'll just grow up and POOF! They'll be these two marvelous, well behaved cats and you'll have forgotten all about their baby days!

  5. I think you should write about them from Abby's point of view!!!
    And are you really going to be abe to turn them (or more like let them be!!)outdoor cats??!! You really do need a couple of watch birds to let you know when someone comes, whistle at you and even talk to you!!

  6. Oh the fun of having kitties. We had 6!! So just remember that next time your bundles of joy do any of the wonderful things you mentioned. We've experienced 3x the fun and have lived through it.

  7. The sweet and sour all rolled into one.

  8. Wow, that's a talented cat, turning off the c-pap machine!

    Sometimes shutting the door just makes it worse. :) My childhood cat figured out how to shove his paw underneath and slamslamslamslam the door louder than anything else he could do. :P Smart cat, that one.