Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This and that.

It's been a long day. I taught my 2nd computer class for a library near by. The had no teacher so I was asked if I could. I like working with seniors so it's fun for me, but I do get tired after 2 hours of repeating a lot of the stuff.

When I got home I made 3 batches of soap. It takes about 2 hours to make a batch. I had a problem with one of the scents. I was going to make cedar wood soap. I thought that a more manly scent might be nice. When I opened up the bottle of essential oil I noticed that it was solid! Not pourable at all. So I made a different scent. I made Tea Tree Oil, Ginger ( not sure about this one ) and Peppermint/Rosemary. It's nice to be a soap maker. The house smells good all the time.

Well, you know that poll I had going trying to get my Mom and Dad to bring me some moose meat?
It was 100% YES that the should. Mom said that it's a good thing that they don't car what other people think! They wont be bringing me any moose meat. They don't want to "deal" with it.

So it boils down to, they love me, just not enough to bother with it! (I'm working the guilt angle now)

I still have a book to read by tomorrow for the book club. I better get to reading. I am having a hard time starting it. It's called " Shepard of the hills" It's placed way back when and in the Ozarks. I looked into it. It's also a play that plays in Branson MO. I gather it's popular. I will let you know what I thought about it tomorrow when I get done with it.


  1. Read, read, read Krissy. Good luck on the book...who picked that book anyway? It will be interesting to hear the book club comments tomorrow.

  2. YEs.. I'd like to hear about the book club comments too... S.

  3. Gee, that's too bad about the moose meat...perhaps you need to charge them rent, in the form of....yeah...moose meat, lol!

  4. Aunt Krissy I left you a message concerning Moose meat on your informal poll and another on you craft fair experience. Please go read them before you go to work 10/29/09. I just got home tonight and am catching up and I'm late I'm Late am still behinder lllllolllll now I'm on my way to the soaps...........

  5. That is a very popular outside play in Branson. When I was going to OBC in Joplin, lots of people would drive down to see it.

  6. Hey you Stinkin' Goat.... Be sure and check your e-mails today - just sent you 1st order for 56 bars of soap!!! Also be sure and check out Pioneer Woman for her Rosemary Dinner Rolls - thought of you when saw them. Hum... still have some of Rosemary from when you were here - hopefully is still good. Lots of snow (8-10") when left home and was still snowing. It's been cold so snow is pretty dry and not slushy like last snow.

  7. It's a classic American story. There is an old movie too.

  8. Cram that book in! If anyone can do it, it's you.

    Congrats on all the soap orders..
    I knew you could do it..