Thursday, October 29, 2009

Book review.

The book that I had to read for the book club was called " Sheperd of the hills " By Harold Bell Wright.

Well, I got to page 3 last night and I had to put the book down. I was tired. So when I woke up I looked at the book and saw that it was 244 pages and I had 241 to go! The first 3 chapters or so was hard going. The book was published in 1908 and the author writes in the style that the "hill" people spoke. There was a lot of letters dropped off before and at the end of words. It took the 3 chapters to get into the cadence of the speech. ( By thunder!)

Over all, NO I did not like the book. I got tired of the woman folk all being describe as "deep bosomed" and they all had wide brows and wide set eyes and all are slender. I think that most woman back in the 1900s living a hard life in the "hills" were skinny and flat chested. But what do I know? Hard to believe that this is made into a play and also a movie! Maybe the movie would be the one rare time that the movie is better then the book! I also thought that the plot was hard to swallow.

The introduction said that the book was the story of 2 trails. One is the high road and one is the low road. And what path will people take?

Never did figure it out. The bad guys? Stayed bad. The good guys? Stayed good. Nobody ever took a different path.

Go check out here to see Wikipedia's plot summary.


  1. That was so funny, Krissy! I am now actually intrigued and may take a look at the book just to see how bad it can be.

  2. I think I'll skip that book!

    BTW - the bread was good, the dip -- nasty!

  3. I decided to drag out my James Herriot books. Working on "All Things Bright & Beautiful" after finishing "All Creatures Great & Small". Was supposed to meet up with Neal & Angela Dews (remember English engineer on the FV Scandes Rose that used to work w/Guy at NC Machinery) in their hometown in Yorkshire but about time was planning it, AirPac went out of business and things were up in air so never did go. They had it all lined up for us to stay in apartment above pub - could just see that now!! teehee

  4. Wow, I didn't think it was that bad. Maybe the movie is better.

  5. See good news under "Craft Fair" comments for big soap order/sales!!

  6. I told Tim what you thought of the book and since he doesn't blog, here are his commets: "What?!! Kris didn't like that book?!! That's a good book! I read it when I was living in MO. It's about the Ozark mountains and where I grew up. Kris doesn't know anything about good books." So there you have it, a rebuttal to Krissy's assessment of The Shepard of the Hills.