Saturday, October 31, 2009

A day in the life of Aunt Krissy.

I have been lax in my blogging life. I worked a full day yesterday ( Love that job! ) and then came home and cut up 3 batches of soap. Not so sure about the scent of ginger. I don't now why I was thinking it would smell like ginger snap cookies or ginger bread but I was! It smells like ginger root. Not bad, just not a warm "Christmas is a coming smell" Oh well, you live and learn.

I then talked on the phone for over an hour with my friend Linda in CO. A friend of hers took my soap to her place of work and her boss is placing a large order with me ( 70 bars of soap!) to resale in her store ( Stop the press, I have a kitten that just plopped in front of me and is now rolling around in front of me) I am starting to feel a little pressure (panic) to make more soap and I feel that I have been a soap making fool. It takes 6 weeks from start to finish and I feel that I am behind the curve.

I need to run into the Eau Claire and go to Kinko's and then over to Michael's ( hate/like) and return some bags. The side seams on one bag of bags did not exist so I just had sheets of liners, not bags. When I get home I will make 3 more batches of soap and do about 2 loads of clothes.

And this little guy Harvey, you think that he could do no wrong, but you would be wrong.


  1. Krissy! better get my order in before you run out of soap! Glad things are going well with that.
    how could you get mad at such a cute kitty? Its kind of like when our dogs are sleeping and you think 'what angels' .. ha.. we know better!!
    have a great halloween! bet you wont get any trick or treaters out where you are.. probably just ghosts and ghoblins.

  2. Great news about Chandelle Farm Goat Milk Soap!

    If you make it - they will buy it!



  3. That is exciting!!!I wish I could try it out.

  4. Whoo hoo, 70 bars!

    Cute picture of kitty.

  5. Who would think with name like Harvey that he would be such a sweet kitty cat. Looks like Harvey is a bossom lover!!!!

    You now have a new name...SOAP LADY.

  6. add on to Roses' message....."probably just ghost and ghoblins or the ax weilding murderer from the corn fields next door" wha ha ha ha

    oh...I'm sorry Krissy. Didn't mean to really scare you!!

  7. That is so wonderful Krissy!!

    Harvey is a sweetie, that's for sure.