Sunday, November 1, 2009

My pets.

You know how you can save some money on goat feed? Sit outside with the goats and read and not pay attention and then find out that your goats are in Farmer Browns soy bean field munching away. I don't think that Farmer Brown would mind too much. From what I hear the soy bean crop this year in this part of WI has been bad. To much rain and the beans did not or have not dried yet. I guess the bean are supposed to rattle in the pod before they harvest. I opened up a pod and the bean are soft, not dry. I pulled the girls off the field and showed them some yummy dried grass and leaves. They happily munched on that. The kittens are getting brave. Well, Colby more then Harvey. While out with the goats Colby followed me and was out in the woods by the house. Harvey came out and did a little exploring but mostly wanted in my lap.
Colby climbed a tree. It's her first tree. That made me think of the time my sister Alicia's cat climbed a tree and Alicia was sure that her cat was stuck in the tree. I asked her "How often do you see a cat skeleton in a tree? Trust me, cats know how to get down." Alicia ended up putting a pillow on her head and getting on a ladder so that the cat could jump on her head! It worked but I was laughing at her! NOT with her, AT her.

I don't have a picture of Abby. She was also out but she was out in the wood digging up gophers or chasing squirrels. She would come back with a mouth full of dirt, want a pet and then back to the woods she would go.


  1. Oh, that is so funny. All the animals are out playing and munching. Colby is a smart little cat. Sounds like you had a good day outdoors. It was beautiful wasn't it?

    I sure would love to see Abby with a mouth full of dirt! Take a pic next time.

  2. I somehow don't think Farmer Brown would find it amusing. You're going to need to get the kittens fixed so that as they start wandering you don't need to worry about a litter of fun kittens.

  3. Krissy. OUr dogs chased a cat up in a tree here and it was 24 hours later that Bill got a ladder and got it down. I wonder how long it would have stayed there? It had plenty of opportunities when the dogs were in bed and when we were at work.
    So, are you going to pick some of the soybeans for your consumption? or are they not for humans? Dried, salted soybeans are great!

  4. The kittens are so cute! I love kittens. I hope that the goats didn't eat enough that they'll get the runs.

  5. I have a question about your honey and oat soap. Does it have a scent to it?

  6. Great pics of the pets!

    Love the one of Colby (is that the right one) in the tree!

  7. Great pics of the kittens!! Check your e-mail as just sent you the order for 72 bars of soap and info on different mailing address (we don't get back to Rye in time to pick up packages so will have you send them to my work). Did you pick up sample tins for soap like we talked?? If you can't get soap to soften, then maybe you can carve scrap to fit into tins??!!