Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dumb Cats

If you were a kitten. Would you rather play with this? This cost 3 for a dollar. It has cut outs so you can see that snazzy bell. And that bell makes noise. This is a real neat toy!
Or this? This is just the top off a milk jug. Free for cats. It just lays there. It's not snazzy. It makes no noise.
What do you think that my dumb kittens like to play with? And bring onto the bed in the morning and play "kill that!" with? I know, it's hard to pick one. I know, they both are kind of the same color.
Give up?
Yep, if you picked the top off the milk jug you picked right.
Stupid cats. See if I ever buy you a toy again!


  1. Krissy, Krissy, I learned a long time ago not to buy my cats toys. Bread twisties, bark chips, finger nail files, pencils, ribbon & clothespins work just as well as the toys you buy in the store. Walter use to love the milk lids too.

  2. Ha! That's cute, silly kittens....

  3. Also - the little plastic circle piece you pull off of a new jug of milk (the thing that seals the cap to the jug - not sure how else to explain it) - cats LOVE that, too.

    I currently have a cat chasing a popcorn kernel in the kitchen and has been for 20 minutes.

  4. My younger cat will play with the top toy, but the older one won't touch it. My older cat loves paper (as in anything you make be reading) and plastic grocery bags...

  5. Oh and the other thing our older cat loves is the pieces that are cut off to fit for new shoe liners - like odor eaters or something. She will play with those for days it seems... she acts like they are catnip.

  6. Cats are goofy. Trip likes to play with candy wrappers.

  7. I can only imagine how fickle they are...never had a cat yet. Roxy is content to chew boxes or run around with a chewed up half a blue ball that looks like sooooo much fun when she tosses it in the air.

  8. My cat is hooked on string -- any kind of string. I never realized how many string ties I have on my clothing!

    Like K. said, that little plastic piece off the milk jug is a winner too!

    And no, he won't play with store-bought toys either. Sigh.

  9. What K. forgot to mention is that our daughter plays with most of the cat toys more than the cats themselves.