Monday, November 23, 2009

Found them.

Not much happened today. I did get a nap in. I made a vet appointment for the kitties. They are going to get spayed and neutered on Dec 2.

After work I went to the local grocery store and found my French style green beans. I bought 2 bags just in case I want to make the dish again anytime soon.

Wow, I just realized that I had a pretty dull day. How was your day? As dull as mine?


  1. Nope....I had a good day, very productive. I worked all day, lifted some weights @ the gym and taught my spin class tonight. Came home and bike man made SOS. My day/night was complete.

    Naptime, what's that?????

  2. After a full day at SBS, I volunteered at Thanksgving Blessing. What a wonderful out-reach to make sure families in our community have food for Thanksgiving. I helped at the one held at Faith but other churches around Anchorage joined with the Food Bank of Anchorage to provide for people in their areas. One of the neat things was watching families serve together. Even little ones were able to be a blessing!

  3. Wow Krissy - look how busy everyone else is and you probably read a book and napped too. Yes, you lead a boring life.

  4. no nap but had gray hairs colored over.. started afghan for girl friend's new baby and early to bed... was tired. Some days are just slower days, Krissy.


  5. Dull - ya right w/a teenage daughter who's training 3 horses!!! TJ (4 yr old bay roan) flew over a barb wire fence on Saturday and got his hind legs caught in wire so he's confined to round pen/corral for two months and has to be doctored. Really lucked out that he didn't rip himself up so bad he would wind up crippled. Told Taylor that is the English jumper she has always wanted (her plans for him are Reined Cowhorse competitions). Hey.. did you take PW some of your soap???!!! Where's a pic of you w/her?? Your olives & peach salsa you forgot when you were her got put into the mail today -Merry Christmas - think it cost more to ship them than they cost!! They are wrapped good in bubble wrap (then you can irritate cats by popping bubbles!!) so hopefully will arrive in one piece.

  6. I spent all morning on the boys computer ordering jewelry supplies...fixed lunch...talked business with my friend all afternoon..did off to crochet for a while then bed.