Friday, November 13, 2009

Good neighbors.

Abby and the kittens have been getting along real well. I did have a water dish for the kittens but they never used it. They would hop up and drink out of Abby's bowl. Abby has no problem with long as they don't eye her food dish! When Abby's eating and a kitten jumps up, Abby will show some teeth just to let them know that she sees them. The Kittens have tried to "jump" Abby a few times. One time Harvey jumped her from the table and missed and landed with a very loud thump on the floor. I laughed and laughed. Abby had no idea what had just happened.

See, we can get along if we try.


  1. So very cute...they look like buddies!

  2. Animals are so interesting. I'm glad that Abby decided the kittens were not "good eats".

  3. I love it! Do the cuddle together yet?

  4. Cute picture. Abby is nice to share her water dish.

  5. Hi there Aunt Krissy, My name is China and I live in Waldorf Md. Today I met your sister. It was truly incredible and I posted on photo on my blog if you'd like to see it.

    Love, peace and blessings

  6. China! I am so glad that you two got to meet!

    I willgo check it out!