Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm mean?

This morning it was ( still is ) cold and clear. When I went to feed the goats and give them some fresh warm water the kittens came out with me. When I was done with goats, the kittens and I played in and out with the side door till I was ready to go to work.

From about 8.30a till 9.00am I called and called the kitties to come inside but they wouldn't. I went to work and left them outside for almost 9 hours. I put a box outside with a blanket and also bowl of food and water.

When I came home the kittens were very happy to see me! They hung out on me for a hour or so then took a nap. You would think that with them being outside for so long that they would be happy to stay inside for the night. Well, that's wrong thinking. We are now playing that fun game called in and out with the side door. Maybe they need another 9 hours outside! That will learn 'em.


  1. Cats do what they want when they want. They train us.

  2. They must have had fun outside and not been too cold otherwise I imagine they would have been wanting to stay inside.

  3. they look pretty furry - I imagine there is enough fur to keep them warm if they snuggle together.