Saturday, November 28, 2009

Silly Krissy.

When I got home last night I had a message that my palm oil was in. I have not been able to make soap for almost 2 weeks as I was out. My supplier in the Twin Cities gets it from Chicago. He told me that he was going to start keeping a supply on hand so that I and others don't have to wait for it. That will be nice.

Today I drove over to the cities and picked up the oil. And cause I was there I went to the Mall as I had a craving for sushi. I should have done a little thinking but I didn't.

I was stuck in traffic to get into the Mall parking. I thought to myself. "Self, are all these people here to see Sarah Palin?" When I got a parking spot way out in the back 40 I realized that it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it was packed due to the shoppers not Sarah Palin.

While I was there the Viking's football team was there signing autographs. The Mall was full of fans in purple and yellow. Also the Viking's cheerleaders were there so men were acting stupid and getting their pictures taken with the long legged skinny bitches girls. ( I'm sure that they are very nice. And yes, I'm just jealous with my 29 inch inseam)

After lunch I walked and walked trying to find Sarah Palin. I was going to give her a shout out but that Mall is way to big. I could not find her. While I was walking I saw the worst job ever?! I used to think that it would suck to work for that hot dog place where you have to wear the beanie cap and jump on a pogo stick and make lemonade. Well, If you work at Nike's at the Mall you have to do some hip hop dance moves in a window! But these were teenage girls that did not know how to hip hop so they just kind of jumped around and did stuff. I felt bad for them. I hope that they are making more when they have to do window dancing.

Another sad thing. The 3 roller coaster rides in the Mall are way bigger then the 1 roller coaster ride at the Alaska State Fair! That is a sad comment on AK State Fair.

I peaked my head into a purse store and I got the ol' stink eye from the man in a suite. He probably didn't think I was purse worthy. There is also a Barbie store. They had a real live man ( If you can call him a man) that was the spitting image of the Ken doll.

After dodging people and their elbows and shopping bags I called it quits and split. Going to the Mall 2 times in 2 weeks has burned me out.


  1. I've been trying to avoid the crowds also, but the mall you went to sounds kind of interesting. Get one of those lemonades and sit on a bench and enjoy the show!

  2. You are very brave to go back to the MALL again. Kinda makes me think you really are a "shopper girl" after all! Hope the sushi was good...again.

  3. Janice, I had a lot of raw fish. the cats are liking my breath right now.

  4. Too funny Kris! I just can't imagine you and the MOA. I agree with TT you are brave to go there by yourself.

  5. You've gone to the MOA more in the past two weeks than I've gone in the past four years - and I live 30 minutes away!

    Did you go to Tiger Sushi again?

  6. The Alaska State Fair is about the same as the Spencer County Fair in Taylorsville, KY. You should have seen my daughter (who has been in AK since she was 18 months old) when we took her to MOA to ride the roller coasters. She would only ride the littlest one - never mind the one that spins!

    If you think the rides are pitiful at ASF, compare the livestock barn to ANY livestock show anywhere in America. My poor 4-H kids have no idea.