Monday, November 30, 2009

New addiction.

I have never been much of a chip eater. When I do buy chips I get the real crunchy sea salt and vinegar chips. I can eat a whole bag of them. I eat them till my lips are cracked and it hurts due to all the salt. I don't get them often due to that they are painful after awhile ( That's if you're eating them right! )

Today at work we had Wii night for the teens. Somebody brought a bag of dill pickle chips. I now have a new addiction! I don't remember seeing dill pickle chips up in AK but I see them all over in WI. I never got any as they just seemed odd to me. Bummer, I could have been eating them for the past year. They are grrrrreat! After work I went to the local store and got my own bag. For dinner tonight I made myself a tuna fish sandwich with dill pickle potato chips on it. (Yes, I like to put chips on a sandwich sometimes. It's better then lettuce for crunch ) I urge you, don't walk but run to the nearest store and go get yourself a bag of dill pickle crunch goodness.


  1. Poore Brothers potato chips are good. I like all the different varieties...but eat in moderation cuz the salt is wicked.

  2. Those sound good but almost like they would have too much pucker.

  3. Wow - See what new experiences you have by living in the Lower 48!!
    Just think how deprived we were of all the neat stuff when living in Dutch Harbor!! (was lots better when they built the Eagle grocery store and the new AC store.
    Getting ready to ship the balance of the soap orders??

  4. Krissy.. I've seen Dill Pickle chips up here.. can't remember what brand they are, but I've seen them! I like to put chips in my samwiches sometimes too.
    so, the teens come to the library to play Wii? thats cool. Bill & I are thinking about getting one. Rose