Saturday, November 21, 2009

Long day.

Today Tainter and I went to the big city to stand in line and get our cookbooks signed that Pioneer Woman just put out. We stood in line for about 3 hours till we got up to the table that PW was at. She is a very nice person. I asked her if her mom ever scolded her about things that she has written. ( Hiney tingles ) She laughed and said not her mom so much but her Grandma would call her up and scold her.
When she first came out she answered questions that people had put into a box for her. You could tell that she was nervous but she did good. She also did a very heartfelt thank you to all the people that have read her blog over the years and the comments that they had left.
She also announced that she was going to write a 2nd book. It will be Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. But it will have more in it and also part 2, her married life. Speaking of married life, her husband MM was there and also the 2 young boys. I think that MM might have gotten more attention then she did!
And everybody that stood in line got a free T-shirt.
OK, enough about that. Let,s judge people OK?
Why do men wear scarves as part of an ensemble? I find that very odd. I saw 2 men wearing them. Maybe meterosexual? I did see a man with a "man" purse!
What's up with super skinny boys wearing skin tight,stove pipe jeans with wide white belts? And get your bangs out of your eyes! Where did the good old days of real baggie pants go to? I think I like that better then the skin tight!
Young girls with their breast exposed! Cover up, it makes you look cheep. Also don't wear tight pants when you're plump. Muffin tops don't look good on anybody!
The lady a few rows behind me. Yes, I know that breast feeding is natural. I really don't have a problem with that. I think that you should feed that kid anywhere. That being said, toss a blanket over yourself. I didn't really want to see your boob when your kid lets go.
Also they were filming a show while we were there. Mall Cops. I think for the Cops TV show? You know "Bad boys, bad boys, which ya gonna do when they come for you?" So that added to it all. It seems to take a lot of film crew to do it.
All in all if was a fun but long day.


  1. You summed up our day perfectly. PW really was a nice person and I can see why so many people follow her blog.

  2. so Kris..the woman was BEHIND you and you saw her breast when she was feeding? HMMM.. I agree with the clothing issues tho. I saw somewhere that schools are banning the "skinny" jeans. Glad you guys had a good day. I may have to check out the PW blog.

  3. Had to laugh about the dressing issues! I always had a hard time breast feeding in public, I always went to the restroom or the car or found a private corner somewhere.

  4. That sounds like a fun day except the waiting in line for 3 hours. I'm glad you met her in person and can say she's a nice person. I'm always bothered by the meanies who make up mean stuff about her. I get a kick out of kids clothing - each generation just has to do their stuff. Baggies will be back in again in about 10 years.

  5. Rose, when you stand in line for 3 hours, you see all the people in line!
    She had very large breast, I also saw a lot of her tummmy.

  6. I love to people watch. I saw a kid dressed just like you described in walmart yesterday. Very skin tight skinny jeans, with wide white belt, tight tshirt clinging to his concave chest and straight longish hair cut at an angle from his eyes.. What is up with that?

    I like PW too. I'll have to check out your book.

  7. I was reading the NY Times best seller list today and in the Hard Cover, Advice etc list at #4 was PW and Recipes... So this is who you all are talking about.. P/W is in the BIG time book publishing. I thought you were talking about a blogger who had self published or something... DUH ... very interesting. There's always something new to learn ....


  8. Ohh MM has got to be hot but that Pesky Tim is who raises my blood pressure!! And speaking of jeans - whether baggy pants below the butt crack w/boxers hanging out or too darned tight pants - they all need to be put in a nice fitting pair of Wranglers - like they say "Wrangler Butts Drive me Nuts". Breast feeding never bothered me in public - sure hope wasn't as showey as that gal was!!
    And as you know, it was the only time I had anything - dang, could have fed triplets!!

  9. Oh, man, PW was HERE and I missed her?! I thought she was going to be at MOA in January or something, not already! Shows how behind I am. So happy you two got to meet her!

    People-watching at MOA is the best people-watching next to the State Fair.