Friday, November 20, 2009


I was chatting with my friend Kellie the other day ( OK, we chat every day ) and we both agreed that we sure have gotten duds in the book department lately.

I made is more then halfway through Julie and Julia and every time I picked up the book to read I just had a nasty taste in my mouth like sour milk. I did not like the book. I stopped reading it. I hear that the movie was good. That might be the first time the movie is better then the book. She ( Julie ) was not a person that I can "get" "understand" or "relate" too. I realize that it's her book and she can write about what ever she wants to but I felt that Julia Child had almost no part in the book. Other then the recipes that were being made. Did you read it? Did you like it? How about the movie?

I also read ( and I did finish ) "Ice" by Linda Howard. I normally enjoy Linda Howard. Her last book "Burn" was kind of boring but "Ice" was snooze ville! Maybe being born and raised in AK and now living here in WI I just can't get on board with the bad weather as part of the plot. The story took place over 2 days during a ice storm ( Oh that's so scary! ) I felt that both that good guys and the bad guys had no depth to them. Very flat characters. Like a warm flat soda or pop or soda pop or soft drink.

This is not part of the list of duds.

I got the Pioneer Woman's cook book. I read it the other night.( Yes, you can read a cook book.) It felt very much like her blog. I have seen all the recipe's on her blog. I had heard that she had used readers recipes that had been sent in. I don't think that at all. Sure, maybe the mac and cheese is somebodies somewhere but, we are talking about mac and cheese! Can you own the recipe for that? I think that over all it's a pretty good cook book. I will use it for some of the recipes.

One thing that I did notice was that she did not acknowledge the people that read her blog. Maybe I'm being petty. It's the age old question. What came first? The chicken or the egg? Yes, she blogged and well enough that she got a lot of hits. But, if she didn't have the hits then she would not have gotten noticed and gotten the cook book deal. I just think that it would have been nice if she had said thanks to all of us that have read her blog and gave her words of encouragement. ( OK, not that I did but I saw others that did)

I'm still going to the Twin Cities tomorrow on Saturday to get my book signed and also eat some sushi and sashimi.


  1. Dud's abound.. I'm struggling through First Family still. Almost done though.. Then hopefully I'll get a real page turner..

    Have fun..

  2. One of my blog readers mentioned the recipes in PW's cookbook are loaded with fat (butter etc.). I do agree with her, so will use the recipes wisely. As much as I love butter, I'd be in trouble if I used it 24/7!!!!!

  3. I don't often check out PW's recipe section, as I found the same thing (the loaded with fat). I usually just read her Confessions page to find out what's new on the ranch.

    But I think it's really important to credit people with what they's the readers who have made her so popular...

  4. I will probably really like her cookbook - I've always liked her style of writing (with the exception of the word "verdant")and I find her life interesting and I know some of that will leak into the cookbook. I think butter is a staple ingredient in most farmers/ranchers lives! Don't finish BAD books. Just put them back on the shelves - it's not worth your time or effort. There are LOTS of good books and so little time. Katie got me started on the Eragon series...have you read those?

  5. I agree completely with Patty - If you end up with a bad book - PUT IT DOWN, step away and try something else!!!!!

    I use most recipes as an outline or suggestion. Be creative - add, subtract or change as needed to make it your own!!


  6. I see Tainter had her picture on her blogspot w/PW - what about you??!! MM is probably nice eye candy but I think Pesky Tim is the hot one!! Did you see on PW blogspot about her hair color change before you saw her?? And her impression of Ethel Merman is pretty good!! Give me a cowboy in good fitting Wranglers any day. As they say "Wrangler butts drive me nuts"!! The tight jean thing isn't here - yet - but I am sick and tired of seeing baggy jeans down past the butt crack with boxers hanging out!! Can't imagine the gang bangers and wanna be's giving up this mode of dress around Pueblo.

  7. I've been on the waiting list for "Julie and Julia" but am skeptical about reading it. I've heard so many people complain about how whiny Julie is. I love Julia Child, so I'm still torn. I want to read the book before seeing the movie.

    (Also - yay for sushi! There is a new one that opened up near my work I want to go try)