Thursday, November 19, 2009

Goat feet.

There will not be any pictures of this as I don't have 20 hands that can hold a goat and take a picture at the same time.

Every morning when I go feed the goats they hang their little goat hooves over the pen. I could see that they needed to be trimmed up. Today was the day I did it. All on my own. Yes, I was a little worried. I have never done it myself, only seen it done once.

The first step was to move the goat stand so that I would have better light. Where its normally at is in the corner. Well, that was a wrong move. Who knew that goats are so set in their ways? ( Not me!) I put the feed in Maggie's dish and opened the pen. She went to the dark corner and cried maa, maa as her stand and food had disappeared! I grabbed her collar and took her to the stand and showed her the grain and she went right back to the corner looking for it! ( Maybe she is really dumb?) I again took her by the collar and led her to the stand and hoisted/pushed/dragged her onto the stand. Ahh, her grain, life is good for Maggie again.

I put my hand on her back leg, moved it down to her hoof and picked it up, she went "weak" in her other leg and sat on my arm! I elbowed her in the butt and she stood back up. I was still hanging onto the hoof. I scraped all the poop out and started to trim the hoof. The nail was kind of rolled under so I got the trimmer under the nail and cut, cut, cut, off came the nail. Goat nails are kind of bendy and seem to be chewy ( Not that I chewed! ) so it was kind of a sawing/cutting thing. I know the blade on my hoof trimmer is very sharp. I think that it's the nature of the hoof.

I was working fast as I wanted to be done before she was done with the grain. Got all 4 done and she was not half way done so I went back and trimmed some more. Also I was calmer this time. Each time I picked up a hoof she would lean her body wight onto me so I would have to elbow her to get the weight off me. Very hard to bend, hold and cut with a goat on you. When I was all done her feet looked nice and neat, very dainty looking. I think a subtle pink polish would look very smart on them. Nothing garish! Something understated.

I put her back into the pen and got JuJu out. Same scenario! Went to corner, had to drag to the stand,spilled grain, had to push/hoist/drag onto stand. ( JuJu is a big boned goat ) Once on the stand JuJu became a grain whore (sorry mom but she is! ) I think that I could have put a saddle on her and she would have just kept on eating. Being that I just did Maggie, this trimming went smoother. She did try and pull her hoof away one time but I just said NO! and held on firm and she stopped. I think that she would look nice with a bright red on her hooves. Something that would really "pop" and say "look at me"

Now that I have done this I wont let such much time go by. I'm sure it's better for them if I did it more often.

One other thing. It's hard on the lower back to be hunched over. I wonder if I hoisted them up and had their little hooves hanging out? I will make my millions with a new goat hoof trimming apparatus. Off to the design room.


  1. Ah, you did GOOD! I trim my goats hooves at the beginning of each new season so they get trimmed 4 times a year... or every three months. I haven't done it ALL by myself... yet!

  2. Maybe you should really consider nail polish....after all they are going out on a "date" soon!

    Btw....what's your schedule like with the goats? Do you milk them daily or what, or did I just ask a really stupid question?? Do they have to go on their date first and have babies and then they're milkable?

  3. I'm so impressed Krissy! Good job!!

    And I agree it is hard on the back being all hunched over like that.
    Good thing you don't have to do it like weekly..

  4. It's really hard on the back. With Whisper she's so short and doesn't fit on the milk stand yet. So I'm on all 4's trying to get at this kid's hooves and she DOES NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT!!! Febe is better since she's older and used to it.

    Hmmmm i have a hoist in the barn now. Maybe I should put a harness on them and jack them up. you've given me an idea. lol.