Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Show and Tell.

At the library I have developed a friendship with a patron. She is a home schooling mom and wanted to learn how to make soap. She has been wanting too do this for a while but was leery of working with lye.

I went to her house this morning and made a batch of soap. She wanted plain soap but then when I was there and talking about soap we ended up making a Honey & Oat soap. I gave her the friend discount and just charged her for the cost of supply. She just wanted a natural soap for her family to use. She has no desire to make soap and sell it.

This was also good practice for me. I have had some other people ask if I could show them how to make soap and now I know that all my soap making stuff will fit in the one tub that I have. Other then the mold that I pour the soap into. It was pretty simple to pack it all up and go.

I had a lot of fun at her house. She has 3 girls and they know I like rocks and we looked at rocks for about an half hour. Each of the kids had a bucket that were full of rocks that they have collected over the year. Yes, I brought over a few of my rocks to show them. Hey, we rock people like to show off our rocks! ( Yes, maybe I'm off my rocker too)

I happen to over hear one of the ladies that asked me to teach them tell another person about her plan on selling soap. She has a sister that has goats and want to go in to business. Hummmmmm..... What I plan on doing is this. I will show them how to make soap. But I'm not going to give them my recipe for soap. Nor am I going to give them all my contacts on where I get my supplies. I had to do my own leg work and I don't want them to compete with me with my own recipe.
The person that showed me how to make soap did give me her recipe and in exchange I took a bunch of pictures for her for a web site that she was going to build. I also told her that I was going to sell soap and would understand if she didn't want to give me the recipe. She and I live way apart from each other so we wouldn't have been in the same market and she was hoping to move and has now done so. ( Moved to SC ) I feel that the lady that I'm going to show soap making too was trying to hide from me her plans.

Am I wrong? Am I being mean?


  1. Krissy you are Neither wrong nor mean!!

    You are making up your soaps to, a Business. Last time I went to KFC, they wouldn't give me the secret!
    What is the difference?

    If you teach people to make soap, could you use a different recipe? Then you would have your Own for your soaps that you sell...

    btw, if you have a Community College in your town, you may want to talk to them, if you are interested in teaching a soap-making class.

    I use to work at a College, setting up those types of non credit courses....and Soapmaking was one of the most popular!

  2. So, that's where you were off to today.. I'm glad you went and had fun.

    I wouldn't feel bad about not giving the other folks the recipe or contacts.

    missing you too.. I'm working OT this Sat, but Turkey day is coming soon.

  3. The person that is wrong is the dishonest lady that wants to take advantage of you!!! I like Annie's suggestion about an alternative recipe!

    BTW - Thursday Night Sisters are doing late lunch at the Brewhouse this Saturday. Debbi Jacklin will be in town. Please come join us. :))

  4. Hmmmm, I didn't know this. I guess after over-hearing this plan, I wouldn't give out too much info either. Remember, you are not obligated to teach anyone to make soap, especially since this is your business.

  5. You are right, a simple answer would be to say "this is how I make soap (without all the measurements)and then say that there are lots of recipes on the internet and you'll need to research to find your supplies." You could even tell her that you don't want to give up your supplier's name as they have liimited products and you want to make sure they are in stock when you need them.

  6. I'm with Patty ... We all need to do our own leg work and research... you are starting a business. Don't worry about what the lady is going to think. She's the one who was not totally honest with/to you.


  7. That was nice of you to show K how to make soap. They are super nice people.

    Remember this is your business, so you don't need to share with the world how you make your product.

    I like rocks too!

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  9. Aunt Krissy,

    I want to make soap for personal use here at home. I've always thought it would be cool to make soap. I mean, I've thought that for YEARS, since I was 22. But, I would NEVER, EVER dream of asking you for your recipe! That's horrible someone would do that to you!

    Why not hold a class or charge a nominal fee to give soap making lessons?

  10. You're totally not being mean or wrong to not want to share your recipe - it's your business! I like the KFC analogy Annie used above. :)