Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stink O'Rama

Boy Howdy does it stink at my house tonight! I do feel a little vindicated though. While Mom and Dad were here they got to smell that smell when Farmer Brown fertilizes his fields. Farmer Brown did the field North of me when the folks were here and my Dad could not believe just how bad it was! Now Farmer Brown is doing the bigger fields that are West and South of me. On my way to work this morning I could see the big stinking pile of cow crap steaming in the morning air.
To me, it was just a big pile of crap. I'm sure to Farmer Brown it was a big pile of goodness for next years crop. It took Farmer Brown a few days to do the small field before he got it plowed under and the smell was gone. Bigger field I think means that I will have a longer time smelling the stink. Ahhhhh life in rural Wisconsin. Breath deep and take all the country goodness in! ( gag gag )

I just got of the phone with JuJu and Maggie's match maker. If all goes well they will get picked up on Saturday and have a fabulous time on a hot date. Not sure how long the hot date will be. Maybe a month or so to make sure that they "date" ( wink wink) It will be strange having them gone. I like my goats and I will miss them. I am sending them both on the date. I hope that they both don't have twins in the spring time. Oh, and the reason that they will spend that long of a time with them is that I don't have a trailer so I can't just take them by when I see that they are ready for a "date".


  1. you are sending both on the date? wow.. lots of milk for you next year! you are going to have to hire help for your soap making business!
    sorry about the stink.

  2. Isn't living out in the countryside fun? I think turkey manure is the worst. I will give you some candles to burn and hopefully that will help the smell.

    I bet you will miss the girls. Didn't know they would be gone so long.

  3. I thought you were only going to have one of your girls "dating".

  4. You wont know what to do with yourself when the girls are gone!

    I think farmer Brown would probably call that stink, liquid gold.. On account of it going to help make him some $$ next year..

  5. Ha, from what I've read, it won't take a month, if you know what I mean....

    Between Linda trying to keep the buck away from her does and my Valley friend and her goats, my guess is it'll probably take an hour!

    Arizona sounds wonderful, hope your parents have a fantastic time! That's nice that you can have their RV there at your place over the rest of the year....

  6. Ditto Janice' comment. I thought you were only going to have one of them go on a date? And I thought you chose the little one. Remember the fish factory smell? Smells like MONEY! Did you get your goat jpeg? I sent it yesterday.

  7. I'm with Patty on the fish prcessing smell - especally when they were making surimi in Dutch Harbor!!! And you do want twins so you can make more $$ by selling them... And you have a king cab pickup and are on the redneck side - jut haul the goats in there with you!!!