Monday, November 16, 2009

This and That

Mom and Dad just called up. They are on the border between Iowa and Missouri. They will start heading South/West and end up in AZ. It was good that they left when they did. This morning it was only 12 at the house.

My dad is really into flying. You know how you can't remember your first time in a car? Well I can't remember my first time in an airplane. Well, Dad just bought another plane. But this is an ultra light. Just think of a hang glider with a engine. I think my dad wants to really be a bird! One time we were talking about dreams and I told him that I can fly in my dreams. He didn't think that, that was that big of a deal as he does too. Until I told him that I didn't need an airplane to fly! I just had to lean forward and I was off and in the air. That kind of bummed him out as he has to be in a airplane to fly in his dreams.

I went to Stout University today and talked to some guy. Stout is not going to work out for me and what I want to do. That's OK. I will go back to Chippewa Valley School and talk some more to them. While at Stout I saw lots and lots of cars that were pro Obama. I don't think I would have fit in with the young liberal crowd. I was thinking that I need to duct tape all them bumper stickers just to make it through the parking lot. I think that I'm getting to be a old fuddy duddy.

My friend Kellie called up today so we could talk about who was making what for Thanksgiving dinner. I am going to make the Watergate salad, the green bean dish ( Not with the one with the fried onions on top! ) deviled eggs and something else. What? I don't know. Maybe the cranberry walnut jello mold with cream cheese/pretzel bottom. I will have to think on it.

Well, did anybody else have a problem with blogger? I have been stuck for the past half hour. Time for bed.


  1. Aren't you in the Obama state? You better watch out with your comments! I see that Sarah Palin is coming to Mall of America - you going to that book signing too?

  2. Just got another order for you:
    Audra Rorick wants (2)Far East,
    (1)Romance, (1)Wakeup. So add that to your next shipment. I see
    Patty asked same question I did before - the answer is....... Taylor lucked out and got a conservative teacher in her Government class as Pueblo Community College - don't know how it would have gone if was a Liberal!!