Tuesday, November 10, 2009

They are almost here.

Dad and Mom will be here tomorrow evening. I get to go to the twin cities and pick them up.
I have yet to go the the Mall of America. I'm thinking that I might go into town a little early and go check it out. I have been told that there are rides inside. I think that I need to see it to believe it.

Being that Dad and Mom are coming I went and did a little shopping. Dad doesn't like plain white sandwich bread. He likes the better bread. You know, the round loafs that you have to cut yourself and they have chewy crust. Also I bought some ice cream. He said that I didn't need to but I know my dad. He will ask if I have any and if I say no then we will have to stop and get some. I got Byers vanilla. That's what he likes.

When I got home tonight I had to stop and look up. Being that I am in the middle of the country and have no lights nearby, I could really see the stars tonight. The Milky Way was a thick starry ribbon across the sky. Very pretty. If it was not so cold I would sit outside and do a little more star gazing. Maybe when my Dad burns my stick pile I will sit outside and look at the stars but then maybe that will be to big of a fire and we wont be able to. It's a very large stick pile.


  1. I guess I was in too much of a hurry tonight to get home and I didn't notice the stars.

    I hope your dad can help you burn down all the sticks & branches. Should be a nice HOT fire. Be sure to have some hot dogs to roast...or hey, maybe some brats!!!!

  2. Can't wait to hear how he is going to orchestrate the big BURN..

  3. I remember that Mall, Krissy, not that I have ever seen it. But I remember living in Alberta in the early 80's, when they built West Edmonton Mall.

    We have been there many times, at the time it was the biggest Mall in North America.

    Not long after, they build the Mall of the Americas....then that one became the biggest one.

    There are rides in the W.E.Mall, it's a pretty neat way to spend a weekend!

    You'll probably need more than a day to see everything in your Mall there!

  4. Krissy! we went to the Mall once while we were waiting for our plane back to ANC. Only got to Camp Snoopy..didnt get to the stores. Bill & his sister rode lots of rides. That must have been around 15 years ago. they probably have new rides.. they also have a cool aquarium. I liked that part a lot..
    enjoy your parents. Boy, I cant believe thy wont bring you moose meat after buying your dads favorite foods! enjoy the bonfire.

  5. If the fire is not to big sit out and enjoy it. Get a really long stick and roast some marshmallows.