Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday chores

Every day I cut some branches for the goats to nibble on as they like too. I'm all about making the goats happy ( and the dog and the kittens too.) Well, that branch pile was getting large. So I decide that I would burn it. No, I didn't pour gas on it and toss a match. I'm just a tad bit smarter then that.

What I did was cut the branches into smaller sticks and put them in the burn barrel. After doing this for about 2 hours and looking at the brush pile that was not getting smaller ( I think the sticks were getting it on and making more sticks! ) and the burn barrel now having about a foot of ash I stopped. I need a new plan. I have a new plan.

My new plan is to pour gas on the pile, toss a match on it and run away really fast!

No, no no, I kid, that's not my plan ( but it would so totally work!) I think that I will drag all the brush over to my garden that got tilled and then wait till we get some snow that stays, then pour gas on it, toss a match on it and then run fast! OK, maybe not gas, how about having some lighter fluid soaked paper and setting that on fire?

My Dad and Mom will be here on Nov 11. ( Noop, they are not bringing moose meat, it's all about tough love) maybe Dad will have a good ideal that does not risk me burning down the woods and getting me into a heap of trouble.


  1. I'm glad that you really aren't considering the gas method of ligthing a fire! Waiting until snow is a good idea.

  2. Your Dad will have a good plan I'm sure.

  3. Dear Krissy,
    Your Dad is fond of throwing gas on campfires.
    We will see...It will be interesting
    Love, Mom

  4. Krissy,

    It's a "guy" thing. Something about all that testosterone makes guys LOVE making things go KABOOM !!! and then a fire... I'm betting you AND dad have a great time getting that pile of sticks to go AWAY. Potato guns and dynamite are very "guy" things ...


  5. Use diesel instead of gasoline. We call it Girl Scout starter fluid.

  6. Weed burner like I use for lighting charcoal works wonders on getting brush etc.. fire going!!

  7. I bet your Dad will take care those branches for ya.