Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday fun


Friday night was a repeat of Thursday night. I don't want to talk about what time I went to bed. But I am done with True Blood, season 1.

I went back to that auction that I went to a few months ago. Last time I was there they had bags of wood shavings ( Not sawdust) and I thought that maybe they would have it again. I am looking for some for bedding. My friend Kellie has some and has giving me some of theirs but I feel that I need my own hook up for bedding.

Well, there was none at the auction but I still enjoyed it. Not so much enjoyed but it was very interesting to people watch. I'm going to say a few things and I'm not trying to knock anybody down.

Again there were a lot of Amish people. At the library we have a lot of books by Beverly Lewis and some others that write books about being Amish. The covers all have young, healthy, pink cheeked girls with very white kapps on. The woman I saw all looked very haggard, and their kapps were dingy white. Also I saw that a lot of the woman had very bad teeth. I wonder if it's due to lack of dental care and having lots of kids? I have heard that having kids can take a toll on your teeth. ( Wives tale?) I know that a lot of people think that the Amish are living the "good life" and I do admire their religious stand. But I don't really understand why anybody, would choose to go without an inside flushing toilet and running water in the kitchen. I understand people that move to remote areas and do not have that but to live with a power line 100 ft from your house and not hook up due to religious reasons? I don't get. On a whole, today the Amish looked "grubby" to me.

I also saw a woman wear gold MC Hammer pants. Saw another woman wearing very stained, with holes, pink sweat pants tucked into rubber boots. I know this is an auction but both looks were very wrong!

Then after that I went to a cheese store. It sold only Gouda cheese. Fine by me, I love me some good Gouda and it was very good. I now have a 2 year old wedge of cheese, a 6 month wedge of smoked Gouda and a 6 month wedge of smoked cumin Gouda. I am going to try and save it till my Mom and Dad get here on Nov 11. The lady that helped me was the wife of the dairy farmer and was from Holland. They also sold a lot of Danish food. Like chocolate and cookies. And why yes I did have some of that too!

Did I ever tell you that one time I had a x-ray ( can't remember what for or what part) but I do remember the Dr saying that I had very nice dense bones. I said it might be because I eat a lot of dairy in the form of cheese.

Oh, and by the way. I went to bed this morning at 4.30am. I got up at 6.30am and when I got home I took a 2 hour nap.


  1. Geez Krissy....stop doing that! Don't you know that women your age need their beauty sleep? No more vampire movies ok??????

    As for the Amish community, I's a hard life and authors like Beverly Lewis paint a too perfect picture of the Amish life.

  2. Are you staying up to late? Was it worth it?
    I think alot of people simply don't care how they look and sometimes I think that stems from how they feel about themselves.

    I never thought the Amish life was "picture perfect" either.

  3. Gouda is delicious - never heard of cumin Gouda. Sounds good.

    My teeth are not that great - and I try to take care of them. After I had Bug, I've had to had a lot more dental work than I needed before I got pregnant. Don't know if it's related.

    Was staying up so late worth it? :) Some shows are!