Friday, November 6, 2009

Why do I do this?

This morning when I came to work I asked my boss if I looked shorter. She said no, why do I ask?
I told her that my butt was so dragging that I was sure I was closer to the ground. I'm too old to stay up till 2am! And then when I did go to bed I slept very fitfully. I then got up at 6am as the kittens were once again using me as a spring board for fun. I kicked them out of the room at that time and tried to go back to sleep but didn't work out.

Now, why was I up that late? Because I need help. I have very little self control. Have you heard of the HBO show called True Blood? Well, I was told that I would probable like is so I ordered season 1. That's why I was up late. Watching True Blood. I had to see what happened to Sookie when she was getting the snot kicked out of her. And then I had to find out what happened to....And then to... Anybody else watch this show? Is there a season 2 yet? I'm going to be having withdrawals here soon.


  1. Krissy,

    NetFlix says there's a season 2. I ordered season 1 for P. Keep him up all night too !


  2. I was impressed. You made it through the day. Yawns and all!!!!

  3. Aunt Krissy,

    You are just too funny! ROFL!