Thursday, November 5, 2009

A day at the office.

I had a fun day at work. I have been working on a project for the past week. My boss made a list off all the books that are listed as missing from the library. It was about 180 books long ( I think)

What I do is go search for that missing book. I look for where is supposed to be, pull out the books on the shelf, just in case is got pushed behind other books. If not there them go look in corresponding area in the Young Adult, Juvenile and Kid section. I have found quite a few. Maybe about 40 or so? I know, that doesn't sound like many but really that's a lot.

I get a little zippy zap of happiness when I find a book. I think some of the missing books might not really and truly be lost. I think that they are just in the wrong spot. Today I found 5 books that did not belong where they were at. I think that sometimes patrons ( or their kids) pull out a book and then decide that they don't want it and just put it back where they now happen to be at.

When I'm done with my other projects I'm going to start with a shelf and look at the books and make sure that the right books are there and re shelve the books that don't belong there. That will keep me busy for a month or so.

My only problem. I can get distracted and find myself reading a book! I do believe that the library life is for me.

I hope all you out there love or like your job as much as I do mine. I know what it's like not to and am so glad that I have found one. Life is really to short to be unhappy at a job. You spend a lot of your life at the job so if your not happy? Work out a plan and set a goal and work that plan. It took me 2 years to get out of the old one.

OK OK, enough of the pep talk. Good Night!


  1. I'm glad you like your job Krissy. Thanks for being the "missing book warrior." Just imagine if our material collections were three-times the size.....yikes.

  2. You're cute Krissy.. I'm glad you have found your calling..

  3. Krissy. I'm not quite THAT happy at my job, but much more than I was at my previous 3!! gotta love all my days off. I dont work a full 5 day week all month (days off and holidays)..

  4. Sure.... you're having all this fun "working" and I am slaving sellin your soaps!! Got the 1st order distributed and just waiting on a few checks and will mail all together. Got box for drugstore (there was just one, right??!!) and will get it to Sally this weekend to take in Monday.

  5. I did something similar when I was in Alaska working for the trucking company. I found missing equipment like trailers. I* once found one that had been MIA for 8 years! 8 years! It had a small tree growing through the deck and the tires had rotted. Now, apparently, the company had a habit of dropping trailers in various places all over Alaska and not keeping track of them. All told, I found 130 trailers and saved the company over a million dollars in the first 6 months.

    Hunting for "lost" things is fun, isn't it?

    *By "I", I mean one of my drivers that I asked to keep an eye out for our missing equipment. But, I was the one who discovered it was missing and unaccounted for during those 8 years to begin with. I take credit for using my available resources since I couldn't very well just leave the office and drive all over Alaska myself.