Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Road trip

When will I learn to bring my camera with me all the time?

Today I drove over to Apple ville. No, that's not really the name of the place. There was not really a name for where I was at. There was an add in the paper for straw bales for only 1 dollar. So I drove there to get some. I mean, only a buck? That's pretty cheep. I use them for the goat pen for bedding.

The place that was selling the bales was called " Bushel and a peck" it's a apple orchard. I passed about 5 other orchards getting to the place. I did not end up buying any bales. He was using them for his maze and they were moldy with all the rain and you don't want that in your goat pen. But I did end up buying a big bag of apples. I was the only costumer there at the time so he would slice me a apple sample and tell me all about it. I bought a bag called Cameo. They are nice and crisp. I think a crisp apple is more important to me then flavor! I can't abide a mushy apple. I see some apple deserts in my coworkers life.

On the way home, about 5 miles from my place I saw a black bear run across the road. My 1st thought was " That's an odd way for a Newfoundland to run" that's when I realized that it was not a dog but a small black bear.

But the reason why I wished I had my camera was that when I was over in Apple land it was just beautiful. Rolling hills and apple trees. I think come spring time I will have to go over there and check it out when the tress are covered with blossoms.


  1. You can also use sawdust (shavings) for the bedding or get bags of bedding pellets, which poof up when damp. After years of working for a horse breeding farm, I hate straw as bedding. It's not the easiest to clean and it's a bit unwieldy when you shovel it out. I much prefer shavings. And, they're so much easier to keep clean.

  2. You didn't mention you'd seen a bear. Was it your first one since you moved here?

  3. Kellie, it was the 1st one in my neck of the woods. I did see that sow with 2 cubs on that road trip a few months ago.

  4. OS. I do use wood shavings also. I put a layer of that down them when it started getting cold (today only 15 ) I put some straw down to block some of the drafts. Also I wanted straw for the garden to keep weeds down next summer.

  5. I love visiting apple orchards.

    Bears are around. We haven't seen our big neighbor lately though and I'm glad.