Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This and that.

Something I have noticed about living here in WI. There are a lot of tall woman here! I know that there are tall women up in AK but here in WI there are so many that it's enough that I have noticed it. Must be all the dairy that they drink. ( Yes Rose, anybody over 5'2 is tall for you! )

I think it's funny that the MN Vikings kicked the Green bay packers butt in the game the other day. WI takes their team very serious. I would not say this out loud in front of a crowd of WI people. I also have to say I think that it's funny that WI gave Brett Favre a standing ovation boo! I didn't watch the game. I find football boring. But I still can find it funny.

Tomorrow I'm going to go to Chippewa Valley Tech School and look into going back to school. CVTS is credited with the State of WI and I'm going to check it out. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up but I need to get some credits if I want to keep with my 2 year plan on taking over the library. ( Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated ) My boss is going to be retiring in a few years and if I want a full time library job I have to have a degree in something. Just don't know what that something is.

And this is one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs. It was on the radio tonight. Note the key word is one of as I like a lot of Led Zeppelin songs.


  1. It's possible there are lots of tall women in WI because that is where a lot of the scandinavian people settled. You must look short amongst all the tall women....or maybe just short-legged. Freakishly short-legged.

  2. Well, you could start a club for women with short legs and when I visit I could attend your meeting! Not our friend Lisa tho, her legs are too long to join us.
    Great plan to go back to school. First the local library, then head librarian for WI library's! It would be fun to make the rules.......

  3. Krissy!! when I started reading your blog, I just KNEW you were going to make fun of me!! but, I laughed anyway. And I love you anyway, even if you do make fun of me being 5'2".
    arent you a little old to be going back to school? sorry..had to get a dig in for you too. :-)

  4. I was talking to the Klatt Elementary librarian and she said that she got her library science degree over the web thru I think it was the University of Illinois. You would have to go there for a a week in the beginning but the rest of it is done via web links. It might be something to look into if you want a library degree. I am so excited for you to go back to school. I might go back for my Masters someday. :) I could verify the university if you want.

  5. CVTC is good. I went there for a year before I moved out here. I think they might even have some satellite classes in Menomonie (they used to, anyway, but that's been a long time ago now).

    (I'm 5'10")

    I don't know what I want to be when I grow up, either.