Friday, December 11, 2009


That's it! I'm moving to AZ. This is how cold it's at my house at 8am. Good thing I plugged in the truck last night. I will start it about 15 minutes before I go to work so that the chill will be gone.
Just in case you can't see the numbers it's -24f (-32c) I know, you would think that being from AK I would be used to the cold and I am. Doesn't mean I have to like it!
The other problem this is causing? Abby wont go outside. I put her out last night but I don't think the did more then pee. This morning I went and took her for a 5 minute walk. I thought that she was behind me and she was, about 50 ft behind me! She did not get past the truck for her walk. She squatted and then gave me the " Why do you hate me so look?" I assured her that I did hate her ( Dogs don't understand English ) and rubbed her all over and told her she was a very bad dog and she was going to get nothing for breakfast. I will try one more time to get her to do more then pee. In fact, I am going to do that right now. See ya.


  1. That is cold! I like about 20 to 25 above zero..thats perfect. 7 degrees here in Kenai this morning!But, at least the fog that we've had the last few days is gone!
    Stay warm Kris. Bet that wood stove sounds good about now?

  2. I've said recently many times that I would love to be a snow bird.... live in AK in the summer and go to a WARM place in the winter... AZ sounds good to me about now.

  3. Oh, that's funny. My little dogs just poop right on the porch in the winter.. That's just great right? Until someone steps in an unfrozen turd and tracks it in the house..

    hahahahahah hohohohohoho

  4. That's damned cold! We only got down to -5. But we got over 16" of the whitestuff. That's enough for now, thank you very much.

  5. Poor Abby, I don't blame her for not wanting to go pee pee outside when it's sooooo cold.

    Maybe you should knit Abby a sweater and booties...I'm serious!

  6. I'll look for a "snuggie" for pets while I'm out shopping today. You could haul in some sawdust and put it in your basement and call it an indoor outhouse for your stupid dog. (oh that's right, she won't go down stairs either) Or carry her out to the garage and let her do her business there. Or let her get all stopped up so she explodes.