Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It did.

I woke up this morning at 4am as the power went out. (I sleep with a machine so when the power goes out I can't breath so you kind of wake up for that!) I like a cool room when I sleep so I had the house set at 64. By 8am I was down to 57 and I started to worry about how long the power would be out for. The 1st summer here I had a power outage that was 19 hours long. The power did come back on at about 8.15a. At that time I cranked the heat up to 72. Just in case the power goes out again.

I had to go out with dumb dog as she would not go out with the howling wind and blowing snow. I had to break trail for her till we got to the woods, then she did fine. I had drifts that went past my knees. I had to run into town to the Post Office and I spent about 10 minutes getting from the driveway to the road. I had about a 10 foot wide, 2 to 3 foot drift right at the end of my long driveway.
I put the truck in 4 wheel drive and rammed a path by backing up and ramming the snow under the truck. You can see the axle print in the snow. It is about a 3 inch grove. Once on the main road they were pretty much free of snow. My friend Kellie says we are to get more snow tonight and high winds tomorrow. So more drifts. I am no longer home sick for Alaska weather.

I made cookies. I made Honey spice cookies and Russian Tea Cakes. Did not make the gingerbread poplar bears as I had no ginger. You need ginger for gingerbread cookies.

I hope that my power does not go out!


  1. That snow sounds like fun. Well for a little while at least. Wow thats alot of snow. What's the machine for? Sleep apnea?

  2. You can sleep without the machine but you just make lots of unladylike noises...snark, snorf, snore, etc. Sounds like fun walking your dog. I'm glad mine just go out.

  3. Earlier today our house was cracking, moaning and just making strange noises with the blizzard winds. Annabelle was all spooked.

    I braved the elements and went outside and took pictures, but let me tell you it was NOT fun. My camera quickly became covered in snow.

    I made Christmas cookies too....cut-out sugar cookies, Gingerbread men & peanut butter cup cookies. Now I'm exhausted!!!!

  4. Spent 2 hrs on old Ferguson plowing snow yesterday so could get truck out to haul water. Heat wave this morning - 5 below compared to 15-35 below chill factor yesterday morning. You need to see about putting a wood stove in for backup. When power goes out or when super cold, be sure and open doors under your sinks so what heat there is can get to pipes!! And stay snuggled up with Abby, Colby & the "Brat"!!

  5. I just have cold here. Deep, biting cold! Until today, this week hasn't crested above the teens. And now, tonight, they are calling for freezing rain this weekend. That's not what I want to hear!

    I don't mind the cold as long as it's dry and clear like it's been. Actually, it made me gleeful and not miss Alaska so much. But, I did have to haul water for the critters...

    Then again, hauling water is excellent exercise!

  6. Snow it did, indeed!

    Those cookies sound good!

    I can't believe you think putting dates in cookies is strange, they are one of my favorite additions. I forgot to bring some in today. Monday.