Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Will it or wont it?

Well, as of yesterday (Monday ) weather has been a lot of the talk that has been going around. We are to be getting a big storm. A BLIZZARD! It has been snow flurries all day with maybe 2 inch of light loose fluffy snow. Tonight is when it's supposed to happen. I hope I wake up to a foot of snow.

Just in case I bought some flour, sugar and molasses as I will make cookies if it's really bad. I'm thinking about making Russian Tea Cakes, Honey Spice Cookies and Ginger Bread Cookies. The Ginger bread will be in the shape of a bear. Unfrosted will be a brown bear and frosted ( White ) will be a polar bear. I might even get fancy and put a red wreath around their necks.

( My kitten Colby is sneezing snot out right now, very gross )

My bad dog Abby wont go outside as it's to windy and it's blowing snow. I had to pull the old
"go for a walk" trick. She fell for it, but I think she still won as I had to go outside with her!

The snow that was falling today was very different. Yes, they were flakes but odd ones. They were flat with a shiny surface on both sides so it was a flurry of sparkles. Have you ever been to a wedding reception and there is confetti on the table? The ones shaped like doves and hearts and are shiny white? That was what it was like minus the dove and heart shapes. Or think of flakes of fish food (but no nasty smell ) but shiny white. It also made a nice scrunching noise when I walked out to my truck after work.

Well ta ta for now.


  1. You are so right about those beautiful snowflakes. The snowflakes actually looked like shiny crystals in my car headlights tonight.

    I haven't seen snow like this in years. We usually have wet heavy snow. I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and see the fluffy snow.

  2. There is a program on cable right now that made me think of you. Because I know how you like pickled food. It's called "Bizarre Foods" and this time he is in Alaska, I tuned in with about 20 minutes left. The host was eating pickled moose nose!

    Now he is on a snowmachine trip to a glacier near Girdwood with Twirl, one of my customers. They shot ptarmigan and cooked it on the muffler, Muffler Meat. When they were near the glacier they shot more birds and cooked them over an open campfire.

    It is rather strange to see peopple amazed over what we consider normal.

    Anyway, enjoy your snow, we are having ice fog.



  3. How much snow did you get? Lots? It's been on the news here too about how blizzard it's going to be in the northern mid states, which is you. Did the labels all turn out? Did you send my pkg of soap yet?

  4. How is your blizzard? Are you staying snug as a bug in a rug?

    We had heavy ice fog yesterday and this morning the sky is inky black with little stars and the trees are heavy white. Beautiful!

  5. You're getting what came thru here. Feels like AK last few days. Wind chill ranging from 15-35 below today but supposed to warm up to 15 degrees - by Sunday supposed to have heatwave of 40 during day!! Going to try to get off work early so can (hopefully) fire up old Ferguson to get snow plowed before dark - so can get a load of water hauled. Plus had hydrant on front of house freeze and am hoping can get it thawed from outside - hate thought of going into crawl space with all the spiders!!!