Sunday, December 6, 2009

Soap Talk

On Saturday I spent a few hours wrapping soap. I used fabric this time and not the parchment paper and tissue that I used last time that I wrapped soap.

I took some fabric swatches with me to HELL ( Micheal's ) and spent about 30 minutes picking out ribbon that would match the fabric. My sister Alicia would be proud of me as I took time to do this. I was tempted to just toss ribbon in the basket and call it good.

After that I went to Kinko's to print up some soap labels. That was the 2nd level of Hell! I had Kinko's scan the original and then saved it to a flash drive ( Memory stick ) I then went on their computers so I could use Adobe Illustrator, which I had no knowledge of how to use. I got some help and 2 hours later I had 15 files made and saved and ready to print. Yahoo! No, no yahoos!

Bad Krissy! I didn't know that Adobe Illustrator has to be saved in landscape not portriat. In other words, I had to rotate the file each time, edit, save. So I deleted all that I had just spent all that time and started over. I opened, I rotated, I edited, I saved, I closed. No. No. No. I needed to rotate the text and the canvas blah blah blah and I needed to save it IN Adobe Illustrator. (Which if that's what's open then wouldn't it save in that program?)

Mind you, this cost .30 a minute. Kinko's only charged me for the 1st 2 hours and then let me use a Kinko's card the 2nd time as the guy that helped me gave me some bad info. The employees there were very nice and tried to help. But they themselves were not that familiar with the program so it was the near sighted(them) leading the dumb and blind (me) All said and done, I got diddly squat, jack poop printed. I am having them do one file that is correct with the rotated text and canvas all good and then I will save that to the flash drive and then open, edit text, save as, close and then get it printed.

Or just pay out the nose and have them do all 15 files.


  1. My head is swimming after reading your post! What did you say????? I'm confused.

    There must be an easier way Krissy.

  2. yeah but did the ribbon actually MATCH the print??

    J/K. I'm sure it'll all match just perfectly! I'm so proud of you, but really, Michaels can be your best friend. Maybe start calling it Heaven instead of h-e-double toothpicks, Kinkos can be called that, but please not my beloved Michaels!

    Oh yeah...I'm gonna email you tomorrow from work cause I need the whiskey jar cake recipe. Or consider this my request and email it asap. Also...just sent Christmas package to you last night. :)

  3. TT - yeah, the easier way is to have your sister in AK do it and mail it to you and then keep bugging her because she's not doing it quick enough. I too have spent hours printing her labels - it was a mutual decision that she needed to figure out a way for herself to do it. Now she could buy some art software and a printer and do it all from the comfort of her home.....

  4. I looked at the Adobe thing. It's over 300.00 bucks to get.

  5. Wow what a fiasco!!! Poor Krissy.

    I like the new tissue paper designs.

  6. Wish would have had a supply of your soaps to sell this past weekend at the 4H Bells of Christmas Craft Show at the fairgrounds in Pueblo. Not one soap vendor. Booth after booth of jewelery and fabric goods. Some other uniqe booths but no goat soap!!!

  7. I like the cloth... very nice!
    I have to say I skimmed over your description of the printing stuff... wow.. my head was swimming too!!