Friday, December 4, 2009


I went to the vet office this morning to get meds for Colby. Remember? The vet office said to keep an eye on the kittens due to that they had placed Colby in a cage next to a sick cat. That cat had a wet raspy cough. Sure enough, last night Colby started to cough a wet raspy cough. Maybe I'm wrong but I feel that I should not have to pay for the meds. I know that pets can get sick at the vets but I didn't want them to stay over night, but they did and I had to pay a fee for that. And then I get back a sick cat. Why didn't they keep the sick cat in a different room?
Why do I have to pay almost 13 bucks for the meds? I am glad that they did not charge a office visit so maybe I should just shut up and stop whining?

I wanted to protest but that is too close to confrontation for me. I avoid that at all cost. ( To the tune of 13 bucks! )


  1. I think you should find another vet.

    In my humble opinion, the vet was irresponsible to keep a sick animal in with animals that are not sick. Some of those illnesses could be very serious - or worse.

    Did you ever ask why the kitties were required to spend the night?

  2. Bike man and I both agree that you shouldn't have had to pay for that medicine. How many other animals got sick because that cat was contagious? You could always call the Vet's office tomorrow or Monday and ask for a refund or credit!

  3. Hope your kitty gets to feeling better soon and Harvey doesn't get it too.

    I agree, they should have given you the meds for free.

  4. That's too bad, I don't think you should have to pay either...and you are right, why didn't they just put your kitten in another room?

    No offense to any vets, but we have pet peeves about them too. When we lived on the Coast, they charged a LOT just for the yearly needles, when we moved up here, vet offices were surprised how much they had charged us.

    We've found that with many of them, it's all about the bottom line (money coming over the counter to them)

  5. as a former vet clinic worker, I agree that they should give you a refund. When I worked at the clinic, if a pet was sick it was placed in our isolation room. We never put sick animals near healthy ones. Especially after a surgery - they should be recuperating, not fighting off some new disease. Even if it is a small clinic and they don't have an isolation room, then they should put the sick one in a portable kennel away from the other pets.

  6. I don't think you should pay for the meds it's their fault, they should have put the cat in another room if it was contagious.

  7. its unanimous... I agree you shouldnt have to pay for the meds. if there is another vet in the area, I'd switch!! are your girls on their date yet?


  8. So did you go get your $$ back??!!!
    With all of the dogs/cats have had spayed/neutered over the years, have NEVER been asked to leave them overnight. They go in in morning & picked up in afternoon after drugs pretty well worn off. Wonder if they realized the cat they had next to yours was sick when it was put there??