Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Road Trip.

If you have reading this blog for any length of time then you know I love a good road trip ( By the way, thanks for reading my ramblings )

Tomorrow I'm off for another road trip. I have 5 days off with Christmas so I'm going to drive south to MO and spend Christmas with my sister Patty's in laws. ( Yep, not my in laws, my sisters ) They are good peeps. They live south of Jefferson City. I googled the route to take for the fast way down. I will take I-94 west then take I-35 south till I run into Kansas City then go East on I-70 then drop South on Hwy 87. From there it's take a county road, turn left, up a hill, down a road till you see 5 cows and 2 pigs then do the shimmy shimmy shake and there you are. On the way back I will take back roads as hey, I have not seen those back roads yet and they are calling my name.

One problem. They ( Those weather people ) are forecasting a big storm for Wed and Thur. I might be from AK and have done my fare share of winter driving but I'm not stupid! If it's a blizzard, with white out conditions and with drifting snow them I'm staying home. Then I will go to my friend Kellie's house for Christmas ( That's what Kellie wants to happen ) If I do go I will have my winter jacket, boots, beaver hat and mittens and plenty of snacks and water, just in case. I was watching the news about the big storm over on the East coast and how some folks got stuck for more then a day on the interstate when they went off the road.

I'm not going to take my computer with me so I wont be blogging while I'm gone. I will take pictures though. The sisters in laws have goats and other animals. I want to trim some hooves so I get better at with my own goats. When I say they have goats, I think that they have over 50? Not really sure. I just know that they have lots of them.

So you all have a Merry Merry Christmas and stay warm. I'm going to get religious on you for a second here. Don't forget the reason we have Christmas. It's not about santa, gifts or having good cheer. It's real simple. Christmas = Easter = Saved. I think that the reason I felt that I needed to get religious on you is that I'm tired of all stores, schools and TV stations being so politically correct that some folks really have no clue why we celebrate Christmas.


  1. Merry Christmas Krissy! They have about 80 -100 goats and I'm sure they'll let you trim a hoof or two. I hope the weather is good! Kids got home Sunday afternoon and we have lots of family time planned. I hope it feels like family when you get there, they are good people.

  2. You have a safe trip if you go!!!
    Don't forget a shovel and maybe some floor dry (cheaper than cat litter) in case you need traction.
    Is Abby going with you??
    We're not supposed to get a lot of snow here, but only going to be in 20's for high with wind and drfting snow the next couple of days.

  3. Krissy! have a safe trip and have a great Christmas. Its warmed up to 40 degrees here! crazy. what are you doing with all the kids?

  4. Have a wonderful Christmas Krissy. Thanks for getting religious on us. It amazing how many people will not even say Merry Christmas at the stores; its always happy holidays. Last year we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus at dinner to help the kids associate more. This year I think we will do it before we open presents. Be safe. Suzy

  5. Have a wonderful time, drive safe!

    Merry Christmas to you and to everyone reading along!

    Annie and Gman

  6. Merry Christmas Krissy! Hope you have a safe and fun trip!

  7. I hope it works out for you and you can do your road trip.

    I like your comment about the "real" meaning of Christmas. You said it well.

    Be safe.

  8. Merry Christmas Krissy, drive safe, remember you are loved and have fun with the goat-in-laws.

    I assumed Abby is going with you but who is caring for the kittens?? You can't just leave them for 5 days...