Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Confession.

My friend Kellie got pulled over a few days ago for running a yellow light ( Cop said red, Kellie says yellow ) That got me to thinking of all the times I have been pulled over or questioned by cops. ( 7 times, I think )

One of the times I was lucky that I did not get a ticket or worse. I have a problem in that sometimes I have a smart mouth. And it came out with a cop. But first you need the set up.

I had to go to the Post Office and check my sisters mail box as I was watching her house for her. It was late at night but this Post Office was open 24/7. You could get to your mail box but that was all. When I say late, I think it was 10pm or later. There were no cars in the parking lot so when I pulled into the parking lot, I pulled my truck along side the curb and took up 3 parking spots ( 2 were handicap and there were about 5 more on the other side on the entrance ) I didn't want to have to back up, just do a wide circle.
I left my truck running, went inside, got the mail and when I came out there was a cop car pulled up along side my truck and he was waiting for me.

The cop started to lecture me about how wrong I was to have parked in a handicap parking spot and was going on about how bad that was of me. I interrupted him and told him that I was 37 years old and that only my dad could lecture me! I also told him that I made the conscious decision to pull my truck over all handicap spots as that it was after 10pm and I did not think that there would be a rush of handicap people wanting to use the P.O. this late. Either give me a ticket or not. But do not lecture me anymore.

I think that he was flabbergasted by what I said. He did not give me a ticket. Yes, I know I was wrong about the parking but nobody but my dad can lecture me and that's that.


  1. It's not usually wise to challenge a cop to "give me a ticket or not, but quit lecturing me." I'm still surprized you didn't get one.

  2. Thanks for the chuckle!

    Just got home from attending the second funeral in 5 days. The 1st was for a 2 month old baby who died from complication of cleft lip surgery. This one was the older brother of a high school friend. Her Mother died in October and in March her son-in-law died from an infection. Yesterday my former pastor lost a short, 6 week, battle with leukemia. I am praying for 2010 to end on a happier note..

    Blessings Krissy, cuddle your babes and sleep well.

  3. Only you would have the guts to say something like! Funny.

  4. You're too much!! Was it in Canada or Montana you got the speeding ticket coming down here from AK several years ago??
    Check your e-mails - just send you a big order for me!!